Today was the “first day of school.” It was really about 3 hours of online orientation between the two kids. Some with parents listening, mostly just the kids. We elected to do face-to-face school this year. I’m really on the fence about it, but the kids want to return very badly. They promise to follow all my guidelines and requests for their health safety and they understand that I might switch them to 100% remote if the protocols planned by the school are not actually being performed.

Either way, all students are starting with 2 weeks of remote-only. The first in-person class day is scheduled for the day after Labor Day.

The mood in our home was lackluster. We tried to make it feel special, but it just isn’t. Maybe tomorrow, when they both have a full day of remote school scheduled, it will feel more real.

They each have a desk set-up with computer and headphones and basic school supplies. They got to meet their teacher and talk to their classmates a little. The motto at our school for now is “start slow to go fast.” I can tell the teachers have learned a lot from our chaotic switch to remote learning in the spring. I hope this goes well, and I hope they can be safe in the classroom.