Month: September 2006

4 Days and counting

We have a truck scheduled for Saturday. We have a pile of flat boxes in the dining room. We have bathroom cabinets sitting on the floor in the new house. But the days are going. so. slowly. If only I didn’t have to work (the nerve!) I could be doing so much fun stuff. Like screwing in door stops! And ripping out astroturf! And sorting my old clothes for donation! And holding 34 yellow paint samples up to the bedroom wall!

Sorry no pictures to upload. I have a few, but lack the motivation. Moving feels like your life is on hold.

Double whammy

Sorry for my lack of posts, but I got struck with a SECOND cold this month. Last time it was stomach, this time sinuses. I’ve been out of service since Tuesday. Now that I’ve emerged from my half-conscious, wheezing, moaning state of being, I’m scrambling to get ready to close on the house this Wednesday (eep!). We just did the final walk through and I LOVE it. Sure, some things still need repairs, and some design sense, but it’s going to be so great. I love the area and I love the property.

Ben convinced me to go out to Mexican food tonight, instead of cooking another meal from old pantry items (cleaning out the kitchen). Later.

Nouvelle Vague

I saw Nouvelle Vague (French for New Wave) at the Gothic last night. (Monday night concerts are a bad idea . . . reeeeally tired today)

Nouvelle Vague is a French band that plays covers of New Wave songs, like The Cure, Depeche Mode, and The Clash. Two guys redo the musical arrangements in bossa nova style. Then they recruit a variety of female vocalists. Last night there were two singers, both fantastic.

The show was energetic, well staged and rehearsed, but at the same time you knew there was a lot of improvisation going on. The girls donned unique, smart dresses with killer shoes (seriously, I covet the accordion player’s black Mary Jane pumps) and showed a flagrant love of stockings (black stockings with a white and green dress?? Love it!). The men weren’t shabby either; the bassists’ white ruffled pirate shirt seeming oddly appropriate.

Ah but the music. Easily my favorite band these days. I’m a sucker for distinctive, throaty, honey feminine vocals, such as Dido, Sarah Nixey, and Frou Frou. Combine that with some of my favorite 80s pop music and blend in a smooth danceable beat. I loved the singers’ floaty, arm waving choreography, very 60s pop. Despite the medium-sized crowd they kept the energy up and everyone seemed to be having a good time.

You should check out there music here. And you should see them if they come to your town. And you should buy me a t-shirt, because I didn’t have enough cash at the concert.

Coming Home Sooner

The realtors keep saying “It’s a buyer’s market.” I think they may be right. First they agree to cover all our closing, then they agree to fix the expensive and outdated electric system noted on the inspection. But now they ask if we can close a full month earlier, and they will pay our rent for the time! Something about a wedding and wanting to get the deal done asap. Whatever.

All I know is I can move into my house really really soon. Like in 1 1/2 weeks soon. Eeep! This is probably a better change for Ben than for me. My whining and pining and planning neurotic details of furniture arrangements, future improvements and purchases, and scheduling for moving has been cut. For example, I’ve been mapping garden plans. In October. For a house I don’t live in yet. (And the only past gardening success I’ve known is a couple window boxes of petunias, of which I should have gotten the bushel kind instead of the trailing kind. But that doesn’t stop me.)

But soon I’ll be there!

Oh, in case your wondering: chives, thyme, rosemary, mint, and parsley under the kitchen window, lavender by the entrance, Lilac bush in the corner, clematis on one trellis, morning glory on the other, nasturtiums in the front with geraniums in the window boxes. The following season add tulips, irises, narcissus, and crocus. Ground cover yet to be determined and maybe a potted japanese maple. In my dreams, I know. 🙂

Greek Dinner

Steamed artichokes (straight from Ben’s boss’s garden) with potato cakes. Mashed potatoes are combined with feta cheese, dill, lemon juice, scallions, and egg, then dredged in flour and browned in a skillet.
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Cooking vegetarian

Indian spiced yellow squash fritters

Red bean side dish, I forgot what the recipe was called. Not that great, dal would have been better but I was short on time.

Oh, so good! 3/4 lb of Tillamook chedder went into this baked noodle and broccoli casserole. I ran out of white flour, and had to use whole wheat to make the roux. It worked just as well and gave the sauce a heartier texture and flavor.

Spicy pepper and tomato tortilla soup. Way too spicy for me, I could barely finish it.

A Lebanese dish from my Mediterranean cookbook. Chickpeas, garlic, onions, tomatoes, and eggplant are simmered with cumin, cinnamon, and coriander. Served on basmati rice with a cucumber salad.

Ice cream sandwiches. Ben is enjoying the traditional two cookie model, while Brian is topping little cookies baked in a muffin tin.

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