Month: June 2005

Lakeside Amusement Park

This weekend Ben and Brian and I went to Lakeside, right in my neighborhood. I’d heard a lot of bad press about this place, accidents and what not. But Ben is itching for rides, especially after getting a taste at Universal Studios last weekend. He and Brian used to be big fans of Elitch Gardens, until it moved and turned into a cement lot, I mean, Six Flags. Lakeside looks like nothing has changed in the past 50 years. It’s just $2 to enter and $1-2 per ride. Hot dogs only $1.50! I didn’t do any rides (feeling a little sick that day) but I totally dug the kitsch and vintage signs. Enjoy!

Anyone know what Redit means?

Ben thinks the Matterhorn was at the old Elitches. Check out the Scrambler font! The guys rode the Wild Chipmunk and said there isn’t a lap bar or seat belt, just a handle on the side.

I loved this bumper car sign (Autoskooters).

Brian was supremely disappointed that the Flight to Mars was down for repairs. He really really really wanted to go inside anyway. The general manager said it should be running next week.

I love this: the world’s most exciting ride. Really.
I didn’t get a good picture of the rocket ride Ben loved. Bad lighting.

The carnival booths are a bit ghetto, but eerie enough to supplement the atmosphere. Brian got 9 plastic spider rings with his earnings from skeeball.

Director’s Label Release

If you haven’t heard yet, Director’s Label is releasing the next 4 volumes in their series on September 13 this year. This is the label that put together works by Michel Gondry and Spike Jonze. The next line of directors looks great. I’ve been hoping Mark Romanek would be featured. He’s done some of my top music videos of all time, including Scream, Bedtime Stories, and Can’t Stop- which will all be on the disc!!! You can see the line up here and click the icons at the top for a preview of the collections.

Movie Trailers

The trailer is online for the film adaptation of Rent the musical. Check it out at Apple, or, if that site is down (as it was last night) here.

I’d also recommend Murderball, Howl’s Moving Castle, the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory trailer, March of the Penguins, A Scanner Darkly, and The Chronicles of Narnia. Yea! More Weta Workshop! I can’t wait for the King Kong trailer to come out. There are a lot of good movies to look forward to this year.

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