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I can make bobbles!

Christmas break is turning into a fiber feast!  I’ve been knitting up a storm on my new addi-clicks turbo needles and learning to spin on my new spinning – wait for it – wheel!  Holy smokes it’s so much fun. Technically it belongs to both me and Amanda.  Santa thinks we are mature enough to share a Christmas present.  🙂  I’m taking video clips of our vacation.  In January I’ll knit those together into a little film of Christmas with the Waterhouses.  Hope everyone is having a relaxing week!

Jem’s Boots

Jem is a major wimp when it’s cold.  We wouldn’t care except she won’t pee when it’s icy and we have to make multiple trips out to get her to go.  We’ve never had much luck with boots in the past.  It seems the designers rarely test them on actual dogs.  Ben came across these at Petsmart and they work great!  Not only that, they would totally fit in Jerrica/Jem’s wardrobe.  What do you think?
Jem’s Boots from Rachel Mason on Vimeo.

What’s RADDER than a disco tree?

My new BSG shirt!!!!!!!!!!
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Team Edward, originally uploaded by Ben Mason.
Seriously though. Does it get any cooler than this? If you know me well, you know what a perfect combo this “Team” Edward James Olmos shirt is for me. It’s from this web comic.

O Tannenbaum

Just got back from a quick trip home for the holidays.  I’ll be back for Christmas, but took advantage of a long work break by visiting Grand Junction.  I finished some craft projects, started some new ones, and made many many marshmallows.  Somehow I have become the homemade marshmallow guru.  I travel the mountains imparting the wisdom of whipped sugar.

While holiday shopping with my mom I got a fabulous new Christmas tree.  I already had this rad black tree from last year.  Check out my new disco-tastic green tree!

I couldn’t be bothered with a full sized tree this year.  But these little guys I can handle.  Here are some more Christmas-related photos I’ve been meaning to post:

Isn’t my advent calendar chocolate TOTALLY a companion cube??

Earlier this month I went to the Holiday Handmade craft fair with Miranda.  She blogged about it here.  I’m finally posting my pictures of all the beautiful crafts (note: I received permission to take every photo).  Boy was it crowded!  Next year we’ll go on the second day and plan to do more shopping.  I had most of gifts done already.  Even so, it was good I only brought a limited amount of cash.  I needed something to keep my spending in check!  Luckily most of these sellers have shops.  I collected many business cards and plan to return to their online stores later.


For those wondering where we’ll be for the holidays, here tis:  I’ll be in GJ this Monday/Tuesday (14-15th) for a short, quiet visit with my folks.  Then back to Denver where I work 3 back-to-back shifts Th-Sat and on call Sunday.  Monday is my day off of work.  Then I go back for 3 more in a row Tue-Thur, ending with an evening shift on Christmas Eve.  Ben and I will book it down to GJ on Christmas morning and spend a couple days there with family.  We’re going to visit the gang in Utah, leaving either Monday or Tuesday after Christmas, and return to GJ Wednesday or Thursday.  Either way we need to be back in Denver by Ben’s birthday on Friday the 1st, then I’m back to work on Saturday. 

If any of my friends out there happen to cross paths, give me a call!

Molly’s verdict on my new sweater

Is that it makes excellent biscuit dough.  She wouldn’t stop kneading my belly!  Yes, this is a lot of cat pictures, but I got a few comments enjoying my last picture of us.  Thought you might like some more.  Oops, she’s back.  This time on my knees.  That’s cool.  As long as I can see my screen and type 🙂

Owl sweater refinished

Here are photos of my finished owl sweater!  I bought buttons a while ago, but had to reorder more from Hobby Lobby.  Weeks later I found out they were discontinued and out of stock everywhere!  I finally snipped them all off and replaced them with sea-green beads.  I like these new eyes better anyway.  I also re-knit the collar so it comes up closer to my neck and doesn’t slide off my shoulders.  It’s so satisfying to say that this project is DONE.

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