Month: December 2018

Christmas time

December has been a jolly month!  We did all the classics: decorating, advent calendars, Hanukkah, ice skating, caroling, cookies, class parties, Santa Claus, secret presents, visiting family, and other general merriment.  The only thing missing was snow to go sledding or make a snowman.  Oh well 🙂 My parents came to celebrate the big day itself and it was so fun to have them here!  Here’s a smattering of photos to mark the month.

Podcast show update

The MBMBaM live podcast that we saw with the Walkers at the Buell has been released.  If you’re curious, check it out here.

My favorite part was the pre-show, Sawbones.  They’ve also shared that live recording and I definitely recommend it, click here.

(Or, you know, use your podcasting app to search for these things.  I’ve never understood the podcasting thing.  It makes me so out-of-touch whenever I try to “get into” podcasts.)

Nate and Miranda visit!

Our good friends the Walkers came to Denver to see a show and we got to play along! This was a love podcast of the “My brother, my brother, and me” show. I wasn’t too familiar with it, but enjoyed the show immensely. It was the weirdest theatrical event I have attended. The audience was a narrow demographic of 25-45 year olds who look like they love a good board game. They were extremely attentive and orderly and laughed and yelled louder than any crowd I have ever experienced. The show itself was hilarious, and I enjoyed that the intro was “Sawbones,” a podcast I used to listen to.

Later that weekend we saw an anime film, Mirai. Jack came along for his first subtitled movie in the theater. It was a really touching, beautiful film. Highly recommend it. We also treated the Walkers to good pizza, because their town in Idaho is strangely devoid of such delicacies.

It’s always a real treat to see our friends! A wonderful addition to our holiday season.

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