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Building a Truck

The safety glasses came for this project.  Ben was at Lowes and they were having a free kids project.  Jack was a little wary and close to his naptime, but the store let him take home all this gear for free!  Today Ben and Jack built the truck:


 Jack loves to help me bake.  Today I was making pizza for dinner, so I invited him to help assemble the pies.  What a helper!  He stretched, squashed, rolled, and smushed the dough.  He spread the sauce and licked the spoon.  He sprinkled cheese and herbs.  He placed pepperoni perfectly.  The only problem was when we were done he cried because he wanted to make more!  Don’t get between this boy and an apron. 

Accidental sideways camera by Ben.  But I like it, it’s kind of artsy.

Playing Tourist in Denver

Discovering a cool museum in our own town made us feel like tourists in our own city.  We decided on a restaurant in LoDo near the ballpark called Biker Jim’s Dogs.  Of course Ben chose an exotic dog made of rattlesnake and pheasant topped with cactus and a Malaysian jam.  I chose a much more boring all beef dog, Jim’s Classic style with cream cheese and grilled onions.  Their baked beans were really good, and probably the best fried mac and cheese I’ve ever ordered.  I was really excited to see a Boylan’s soda fountain too. 

After lunch we walked a few blocks to Sakura Square.  On the way we saw a strange group bicycle:

And some funny street art:

At the Pacific Mercantile Company I entertained Jack so Ben could find some ramen and Japanese spices.  

I also found some goodies:

I wonder if these will be any good.  The one I tried in San Francisco came out of a box too.  Next week we have plans to visit Boulder.  I have my sights set on Smooch.  Their mochi ice cream looks heavenly and I can’t wait to try several. 

It was so fun to play in Denver today!  I learned some cool things (did you know Denver had three cable car lines in the 1880s?  We saw a cable car at the museum from Denver), and it reminded me that there’s a lot to explore in our own town still.  It’s even possible to sight see with a toddler.  (Jack was angelic for the outing, even putting his hands in pockets while wandering the museum.  He only needed occasional reminders to behave.)  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a mochi ball calling my name.

Forney museum of transport 1

We wanted to do something fun this weekend, and Ben found the Forney museum. They have antique trains, cars, bikes, carriages, and all sorts of strange things. Jack seemed to think it was really cool, and I was surprised at how interesting the museum was.

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