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Bit by bit it’s coming together

Our floors are cured enough that we can resume light work.  Monday the kitchen walls got their texture.  Yesterday and this morning I painted the kitchen.

Ceilings are hard!  It still looks blotchy because of all the patching and varying amounts of texture (this team was not top notch) but it’s good enough for my standards. It looks decent in real life, and once the room is finished they won’t draw focus.

I painted that yellow wall gray to match the others.  Never liked how that yellow turned out years ago.  Also, I didn’t bother to paint where I was sure the cabinetry will cover the walls.

Sam has done a super job of entertaining himself with toys while I work.  I swear that kid is hot and cold-the sweetest ever, or a whiny mess.  There’s nothing in between 🙂

The guy from our restoration service is back today putting on baseboards and reinstalling the bathroom.  I can’t believe we might be able to pee downstairs tonight! And wash hands! And do laundry!  Oh, how I miss my washer and dryer!

Our IKEA shipment was delayed a day due to snow in the mountains.  I got an alert that it made it to the front range and will be delivered tomorrow.  Cabinet installation isn’t scheduled until Monday, I’m glad we gave it some wiggle room.

Ooo, aaah!

In other news, Sam spilled water on my laptop yesterday.  Kids!  I swear, if our cottonwood were to crash into our roof tomorrow it wouldn’t surprise me at this point.  It’s one thing breaking after another this fall and winter.  

Last day of floors

I’m kicked out of the house today.  My choice – I’d rather stay away than be trapped in the basement with the fumes.  

I’m sorting house-related correspondence and working on the Into the Woods choreography at a Starbucks.  The boys are both in school.  I figure Sam and I can get lunch out, then play at the library in the afternoon.

Waiting for paint to dry

Today our floors got their smooth finish sanding and a coat of sealer.  Rather than be stuck in the basement all afternoon, we are entertaining ourselves outside the house.  Sam and I picked up Jack and played at his school playground.  Then some errands, then had dinner at Tokyo Joes with Ben.  With 30 minutes left until socks can walk on the floor, the boys get a special dessert. 

The floors should be done tomorrow – a day early!  I’m looking forward for a few days of quiet.  Even if we can’t move back into the main floor until next week, I won’t have vacuums and sanders droning overhead all day.  

Update – got home, they are gorgeous!  Stinks though.  Would have been nice to have warm weather with open windows and fresh breezes.

Week 2 progress

Things are moving along on schedule.  The floors are installed up to the kitchen and the kitchen has been patched.  Ben had the displeasure of taking all our laundry to a laundromat for cleaning.  House repairs make you appreciate things you take for granted.  I had forgotten about hoarding quarters to wash our clothes.

Ben and I used a date night to look at backsplash tile and countertops.  I think I’ve settled on a design scheme.  Then we ate and Red Robin and got home in time to put the kids to bed.  

Yesterday we saw Hidden Figures at a theater in Stapleton.  The Alamo will always be my favorite theater, but this new one, Harkins, has babysitting!  It was fantastic.  For $6 per kid they got movies, video games, crafts, toys, and unlimited popcorn and water in the play center in the lobby.  I got a silent pager in case they needed me during the movie.  I wish more places would offer services like this!  The movie was great too.  Not especially factual, but fun and full of good feelings and great period costumes.  

Tomorrow the boys are off of school for MLK day.  If they’re good and my cold and injured back are not worse, I’ll take them swimming.  They’ve been good sports about the house.  They deserve a treat.

Torn Apart

The main floor is truly in tatters now. Electric has been installed and left a patchwork of holes in the kitchen. The floors are being demolished. Aside from a leaky washer faucet we have been lucky to find no major problems.

They think the floor demo will be done today and they can start laying down the new wood. Then three passes of sanding, then stain and finish. If we stay on schedule it will be done by Friday next week.

This is how we live now.

We are lucky to have a comfortable basement with a mini sink and fridge. I sort of feel like I’m living in the dorms again :-). We even have a long trek to the bathroom like the dorms, which is two levels above us now. In the mornings I prepare breakfast downstairs, then carry it on a tray to the little masters upstairs. They eat in their toy room before dressing for school. This system works well, but emphasizes my servent role. I imagine myself in black and white uniform as I carry the tray up, expecting Mrs Crawley at the top.


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