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3 months old

Jack turned three months old on Saturday.  I worked a long day and didn’t get around to posting until now.  What’s to say?  He’s a chunk of a guy and we love him to bits!  I think we lucked out an awesome baby.  We tried to take some photos Saturday night while he was asleep, but we woke him up with our whispering and camera clicking.

Here are some videos I took today for your enjoyment.

Pat a cake with free toes from Rachel Mason on Vimeo.

In the Kitchen on a Bouncer from Rachel Mason on Vimeo.

A lesson on fingers

Jack (aka McLashes above) learned something very important about hands that he needs to tell you.
Not ONLY can you wave them around and pound your mom in the chest while you eat. . .
But . . .
 You have a hole in your face that your hand fits into . . .
 . . . and then you can suck on your fingers!
Startlingly delicious!
Go ahead, try it.  It’s apparently pretty great.

Oh, that’s right! I’m a nurse!

I went back to work today – and what a day it was!  It was supposed to be a day of class/orientation to catch me up from missing the summer and be sure I knew my stuff.  Last night, the recorded message of our daily schedule told me that instead I would go to one of our hospitals and work with a nurse there, getting familiar with some of the new policies, then go to our main hospital to go over missed material from mid-day on.  I was called at 4:45 am to ask if I could go straight to the main hospital instead.  One of our morning staff got called in and was already in the ICU since 3 am.  Sure, no prob.  When I got there at 6 am, lo, our third person had called in sick.  So it was just me and one other nurse to run a room full of patients at our craziest facility!  So much for easing into it! 

Somehow, when I put my familiar, bleach-stained scrubs on my muscle memory took over and I was a nurse again.  I strung machines and assessed my patients.  Right away I stuck needles in a guy who had infiltrated his fistula yesterday during a stick – and mine worked!  I gave medications, I troubleshooted poor access flows, I managed fluid volume with saline and meds.  It was kind of amazing.  All these things I hadn’t thought about in months came flooding back. 

It was a crazy day and we didn’t get a third person in the room until 9.  I ran out as soon as possible to pump.  Pumping is the worst part of returning to work.  I really dreaded it.  It wasn’t so bad.  I managed to get three sessions in.  I spilled about 6 ounces 🙁  but it wasn’t too messy and I tried not to cry.  (Ha! crying over spilt milk.)  I was on my feet for all but 60 minutes today.  Boy am I glad to have tomorrow off.  And hurrah!  They gave us a teleconference number so I can call-in instead of attending a staff meeting in person.  I MUCH prefer to attend with Jack in my lap. 

Speaking of Jack, he’s been asleep since 5 pm so I haven’t been able to hold him yet.  It sounds like he had a very nice day with his Dad.  He doesn’t want to go back to work tomorrow 🙂  I’m so so happy with our Jack-watching arrangement.  I can’t wait for him to wake up so I can feed him and cuddle with him.  

Jack is 11 weeks old

A little Jack update for you.  He’s 11 weeks old already!  He coos almost non-stop when he’s awake and is still trying hard to laugh, but hasn’t figured it out yet.  He still fits size 3-6 month clothes, thank goodness!  But most of his socks are too small.  He still naps for most of the day, staying awake for 45-90 minutes at a time on average.

He got a fancy new bouncer chair that he loves so far.  The bounces are reactions to his kicks.  Although he doesn’t understand that, he can get is going nicely.  There’s a nice wooden toy rack that attaches to the front.  I was thrilled to see that he immediately started reaching for it!
Jack’s Chair from Rachel Mason on Vimeo.

Grand Junction Getaway

We’re back in Denver after a long vacation at my parents home.  Many came to visit, we swam almost every day, and I made over a dozen batches of gelato.  Great trip, yes?  I’m uploading all my photos (minus a nudie shot of Jack) to flickr.  It’s so hard to skim down to my favorites for this post but I’ll try!

I brought some Fancy Tiger fabric to make bibs for Jack.  Only succeeded in making one.  It’ll be an ongoing project.

Grandpa snoozing with the baby.

Miranda and Zaley came to play!  Z wanted to hold Jack.  She did so with mixed results.  I love Jack’s face here, he’s like “Whoa, going down!”

Natasha reclaims her rightful property – Amanda’s lap.

So sleepy 🙂

Brian helps Zaley reach another level on the mini-trampoline.

Lovely timing.

Grandma and Jack.  I love bold, clean lines for baby clothes! This one reminds me of the ninja turtles.

Toss her in!

Even me and Jack!

Baby toes get pruney too.

He has a swimsuit, but going naked is easier.

Yarn shopping on Main Street for the moms, a Giant Frog for Zaley.

When I got my mom a yarn winder and swift as a gift, you know I was scheming to use it myself.

Don’t you love fast knit baby clothes in bulky yarns?  Don’t you love the glam rock style this evokes?

Cat is still jealous . . .

We all get lunch when we go out.

Grandma Betty so happy to be back in Colorado.

Jack’s looking a tad gangsta in the other sweater I knit this trip.  Maybe it will fit better next year.

Whoa.  There are NO pictures of me making gelato.  How did that happen?  I made the gelato to stock pile for Andy’s reception next weekend.  Mom has a DeLonghi gelato maker and it’s all kinds of rad.  Here’s a list of what I made:

  • Nutella with hazelnuts
  • milk chocolate
  • dark chocolate
  • chili chocolate
  • mint chip (still my favorite)
  • apricot vanilla x2
  • raspberry
  • vanilla bean x2
  • cantaloupe
  • lemon
  • cherry vanilla

So so good. 

Like I said above, many people came to visit while I was there.  It went something like this:

  • Me (+ Jack) and Amanda came
  • Miranda and Zaley came
  • Nate, Ben and Brian came
  • Ben left
  • Amanda, Brian, and Nate left
  • Miranda and Zaley left
  • Amanda came
  • Amanda left
  • Ben and Betty came
  • Ben and Rachel (+Jack) left

A little confusing, yes?

The last Saturday Ben and I went to see Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.  Of course I loved it.  How could I not?  Edgar Wright + Michael Cera + Jason Schwartzman mixed with a funny script, crazy production style, and video game flavor.  I can’t wait to see it again, and then buy to watch at home over and over.

We took the scenic route home to avoid traffic.  Eh, I don’t recommend doing that.  Happily we did all our laundry before leaving, so the post-trip mess isn’t as bad as it could be.  Today I’m working on bills, organizing my return to work, stocking our kitchen, and of course keeping Jack happy 🙂  It’s raining outside and the animals are hiding in the basement.  A very quiet day back in Denver.

The Reception in Pictures

Part 2 of the wedding weekend.  Find the whole set of pictures here on flickr.
While Amanda and Ben loaded flowers into the car for the reception, I played with Jack.  (Right after this he threw the biggest tantrum I have ever heard all the way back to the hotel.  It took a good ten minutes of rocking and shushing and cuddling to get him to calm down.  Boy had some pent-up rage.) 
That evening they had a smashing reception at the Hardware Building. Delicious food by Tin Angel Cafe. Much cuteness.
Jack changed into his back-up formal outfit.  I found the tie and vest onesies at Etsy here.  
 Ben’s seersucker held up for the day beautifully.  My dress did not show sweat stains (miracle!). Amanda switched to her evening hat, equally fabulous.  My dad collects vintage typewriters and donated them to the front table in place of a guest book. 
A good view of the Hardware building’s style.  
 Jeff (love his utilikilt), Cheri, Roger, Nan (who claimed Jack as hers for the night) and Dad. 
 Family tables and Mom giving introductions.
 Triple cool.
(And long before they were cool I might add)
 I’m in love with Jenn’s dress.  Rumor is she found it on Etsy.  I hope she shares her source.  We should just throw ourselves fabulous parties with lacy white dresses for no particular occasion. 
 Sigh.  I remember when I was small enough for Dad to toss me on the dance floor. 
At some point my battery got low.  Also I got busy savoring my braised bison and standing in line for the gelato lady.  So that’s the best that I got of the reception. 
Our last morning we met the Walkers for lunch at Oasis Cafe.  I can’t believe how much growing up Zaley did in two and a half months!  Miranda could finally lay eyes on Jack.  
I would have cried when we left my best friends again, except I will see them next week in Grand Junction!  So we’ll have much more time for playing and visiting then.  I’m so glad they came down to Salt Lake though.
Our flight to Denver was delayed 45 minutes because of storms in Denver.  It was a huge relief to come home.  After a late night Jimmy Johns dinner we all flopped into bed.  Jack slept a record 8 hours!  I think we can call that SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!  I don’t think it will be a new habit, just shows how tuckered out he was.  He has had extra long naps all day too.  
Today is our 8 year anniversary.  Chelsea Clinton agrees, it’s a good weekend to get married.  I brought Jack and Jem to Ben’s work for lunch.  It wasn’t until I pulled up to the park that I realized we were at the same rose garden where we were married 8 years ago.  I honestly wasn’t planning that. 
Tonight we’re going to exchange presents and go to trivia while April watches Jack.  I’m looking forward to it. 

The Rehearsal Dinner and Ceremony in pictures

 Here are some of the best shots I got from our trip to Salt Lake for Andy’s wedding.  Click on any picture to see a larger version.  I’m splitting it into two posts to make posting pictures easier for me 😉  There are many many more on my flickr account here.

We stayed at a Marriott downtown with the Waterhouse clan. Sadie has taken swimming lessons and was showing us her new skills.

Friday night we attended the rehearsal dinner at Bucca di Beppo.  We met Jenn’s family and joined up with some of the Cook family (my mom’s side).

Sylvie, Lexie, Jack, Grandma Rosina and Grandpa Ed
Larry, Nathalie, George, and Sadie

Andy and Amanda 
I love Ben’s expression in this one. 
Grandma Lois
Cheri and Ian and Jack

Saturday morning was the ceremony in Cottonwood Canyon.

Jack!  Wake up and look how pretty it is here!
Can I state how much I love this picture?  No. I don’t think it’s possible.  

Dad wore tails like Cab Calloway

Andy’s Grandmothers
He slept through the whole thing

Hippies with their tree shenanigans.

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