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I've had supplies to make a terrarium for over a month. Finally built one last night. I love it! I'm nursing back some faltering cactuses, then I'll build another one to hang on my wall in the old fishbowl.

I’m 30

Today is my birthday; I must say good-bye to my 20s. 

I treated myself to a 5 day break from work and it’s been mighty nice.  I have tomorrow off, so I get to stay out late at trivia tonight.  My folks have been visiting this weekend.  We saw Lord of the Dance on Saturday and have done much shopping and eating of delicious things.  Today I’m keeping it relaxed.  I slept in, said good-bye to parents and played with Jack while eating a chocolate croissant and hot chocolate in my pajamas.  During morning nap I knit and watched Black Books on netflix.  We had lunch at Garbanzo’s and went to Cherry Creek mall where I got a new dress from Anthropologie.  Now Jack is trying to take an afternoon nap (not very well so far) and I see more knitting ahead of me.  Maybe more photos to come, but I’m enjoying being lazy.  That’s what birthdays are for, right?

Back to life

Feeling much better. Had to work Saturday and Sunday but I survived. Slept till 11 today (after working until 2am). Had lunch at cafe rio and enjoyed my food for the first time in a week. Bought jack a new car seat. Cleaned, shopped, fought off the urge to nap, and generally tried to catch up with the pace of healthy living.

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