Month: September 2017

Wolf and Ninja 2000

Jack made a computer in his free time at school.

It has Netflix, Starfall, RazKids, and a search box.

When he saw me after school he said “Umm, Mom? What does it mean to have a crush on you? And how to I get rid of it?”

Apparently one friend has confessed she has a crush on him, and he thinks she’s had it since kindergarten. He also suspects another friend has a crush on him too. Second grade, man. I guess the wonders of relationship drama has begun.

Sam’s 4th Birthday!

Samwise Storm is FOUR years old today! He had a wonderful celebration and seems like a very happy kid, as he comes down for a second hug-and-kiss after bedtime.

Last weekend my family got together to see the Frozen musical previews.  I thought it made sense to do cake and presents at the same time.  Sam and Jack had a super fun time.

img_9071 . img_9068

I baked a Dragon birthday cake that pleased Sam.  He struck a superhero pose before blowing out the candles.

img_7088 img_7099


My child, swathed in knitwear.



Today we did not have a party, but I made sure that Sam felt like a special little dude all day.  It began with a balloons and a big breakfast of bacon and waffles with whipped cream.

img_7144 . img_7143

At preschool they made him a crown and sang Happy Birthday. (It was also school picture day, hence the collared shirt and slacks.)


We went to Target for some errands hidden as gifts (You get to pick out a NEW laundry basket!!  And a new TOOTHBRUSH!!  Pick any one you want!!!).  He got a free frosted cookie and we explored the newly displayed Halloween section- a special delight for both of us.  Then I let him pick out a new book as a bonus birthday present.  For lunch he decided to have a McDonald’s Happy Meal.  He wore the crown all afternoon and everyone we saw wished him a Happy Birthday.  He was all grins.

img_7153 . img_7164img_7157

I let him play with his gamepad downstairs instead of quiet time.  We went to Jack’s school extra early so he could play on the playground, but he preferred sitting with me in the shade.

At home I made pudding parfaits for a special birthday snack.  Jack read the new book for Sam and they watched PJ Masks together.

When Ben got home it was time for Jack’s karate class.  Then we talked with grandparents and opened the final few presents.  The boys got to have a pizza picnic in the living room while watching shows “on the big TV” before quick baths and bedtime.

Sam is so sweet, so clever, and so fun.  He loves to cuddle with me and loves to play with his family.  He makes great facial expressions and is trying to be a comedian.  We love you so much, my little Friday-the-13th storm!

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