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We had a fun Easter weekend.  Between swim lessons and Lion King performances we were able to squeeze in some egg dying and a trip to see Missing Link.

Easter morning the kids had their egg hunt.  It was more aggressive and competitive than ever before.   Church was very nice, and I didn’t have any meetings, which is always a plus.  I spent the afternoon making a full Easter dinner – rolls, green beans, deviled eggs, strawberries, a ham adorned with pineapple rings and cherries, and a bakewell tart for dessert.  The kids said dinner was good, although they had had so much candy that they didn’t have much of an appetite.  It’ll be ham again for dinner tonight!


The Lion King

Last weekend was the musical performance, The Lion King Jr.  This school really goes all out with sets and costumes.  It’s amazing to have such supportive parents help with the production.  The kids did great.  I would have loved to have had a few days of intensive dance clean-up.  But given how little time I spent with then reviewing and teaching, I’m very proud of these kids.

Sam’s LEGO kit

Sam spent a good week pouring over the latest LEGO catalogue.  For some reason, this Carnage/Spider-man set had captured his heart.  He slept with the catalogue, ate his lunch while looking at it, until the Carnage page was tattered.  We told him he could spend his saved allowance on the set, and he began counting down the days until Saturday, when I had promised to take him to the LEGO store.

My turn to be Mystery Reader

Today I got to be the Mystery Reader for Sam’s class. This time I let Sam in on the secret and he picked the book Chewie and the Porgs to read. Of course, our stuffy Chewbacca and Porg had to join me on the visit! The kids all took turns holding Chewie and pushing the Porg’s belly to make him squawk.

In the book they find some “Blue Puff Cubes” on their ship to eat. I made a batch of blue marshmallows for the kids, which they loved.

Mystery Reader

Sam’s kindergarten class has a sign-up to be the Mystery Reader on Fridays. Ben took a turn and brought in King Bidgood’s in the Bathtub. I suggested he wear full costume and Ben happily agreed. Heads were turning as he strode into the school. Sam’s teacher reported to me that the children were agog at his majesty and all enjoyed his reading performance.

Scouts and knives

Jack’s Cub Scout den started their “bear claws” unit about knife safety. Jack used Ben’s knife for the introduction meeting. The next day he brought home a work-up for his ideal knife:

The local stores were fresh out of fire-cat diamond blades. He’s pretty pleased with the blade they found.

Happy April Fool’s Day

I never cared for this holiday, but little boys look forward to it more than Thanksgiving.  So I tried to help them celebrate the day.

Last night we tried to switch the boys in their beds while they slept.  But they both woke up wide-eyed when we lifted them, so we aborted the plan.  Laughing, we put them back in their normal beds.  This morning neither kid had any recollection about the disturbance.  We should have pushed on!

Jack and I froze a bowl of cereal and milk and served it to Sam this morning.  He was almost too sleepy to understand he was being pranked. “My spoon is stuck!” He exclaimed.  He caught on quickly and, after his real bowl of cereal, pried out his spoon and ate his “ice cream cereal.” Gross.

After school I helped Sam to color the bathroom sink aerator, so Jack got surprised with colored water.


On the drive home from school, the kids asked me, as usual, if I baked cookies today.  “No, but I made brownies!”  “Yesssss!”  They inhaled the chocolatey smell when we got inside.  I made them wash up while I poured milk, then served them brownies:

Sam was understandably concerned that he wouldn’t be getting any real stuff 😀  See, even harmless pranks are not any fun!  I should show them this video as evidence.  They were excited to repeat the prank on Ben tonight.

Remaining spring break

The rest of the week was pretty boring, in a good way. We took care of Amanda’s new kitty until she got back from Salt Lake. We went bike riding, got stacks of books from the library, worked on Sam’s polar bears research project, etc. Ben and I had a fantastic dinner at The Spice Room on Friday night (we don’t ALWAYS go to the Alamo for dates 😉 I’m still Salivating over their naan and samosas. Today was a long Sunday at home with hyper boys. I’m so so glad we are back to school tomorrow.

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