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Jacky D livin’ the part

Jack fell down the stairs yesterday. He was leaning on the baby gate, it gave way and he tumbled all the way to the basement. He recovered pretty fast. His face looks worse today. The accidents are only going to get worse, right? {mom sigh}



I started editing a walking montage video.  Jack really started walking two weeks ago on Sunday. But that video edit is still on my computer with more clips on my phone waiting for upload. So with concern about time and never posting ANYTHING, here is a poor quality email post straight from my phone. He’s become quite skilled in very little time! This was Wednesday at the Cherry Creek mall.

Chair update

Beige was the only option. I did a 10 minute crap-tastic safety-pinned cover for the new chair, since my patience for deconstructing and reconstructing patterns to sew is zero. I think it turned out okay! Ben gives it one day before Jack discovers the metal clips on the back.

Jack’s first Ikea

As you may know, Ikea finally FINALLY opened in Denver.  I’ve been waiting about 8 years for that to happen.

We waited for the crowds to thin before checking it out.  We are now a 3 Poang household.

Jack obviously didn’t read the instructions.


Learning the right stuff

He doesn’t play the “how big is baby” game.

He won’t point to nose or ears yet.

He’s reluctant to high five.

He doesn’t refer to us as “Mama” or “Dada” yet.

But he can quote Doc Brown from Back to the Future!

Missing California

(I recovered surprisingly well after Zumba.  Looks like I have a new exercise plan)

We got home Sunday afternoon.  The blast of hot dry air on the bridge off the airplane made me miss the cool ocean breezes already.  Jack has been sleeping a lot, trying to make up for the sleep he missed from having too much fun.

I posted all of my photos on flickr here, and I see Amanda has done the same

I’ll take you through some favorites.  Disclaimer: they are kind of crappy, all from my phone, and mostly of Jack.

We arrived!  We’re on the beach!

 Jack spent at least half of the trip on those shoulders.

 My heart was thumping every time my family let Jack peer over a pier.

 After a morning nap I rolled Jack onto our patio. How cool is that?

 We all bought hats at the CVS down the street to keep the sun at bay.

 Bib buddies at Joe’s Crab Shack

 After lunch we went to the zoo!

 The aviary was the best part.

 (heart thumping)

 Even though we were hot and bedraggled (is that a word? like, the opposite of bedazzled?) and he missed his afternoon nap, Jack was dancing and clapping to the live band on the way out.

 Ben and I took a long scenic tour around town after the zoo, to let Jack snooze in the car before dinner.

(Somehow I missed taking any pictures of our dinner with the Waterhouses and Wargos and Evans!  It must have been the stress of keeping Jack controlled in a fancy tablecloth restaurant with accented waiters.  Amanda has some pictures on her site)

Jack played with a real, regular telephone a lot.  Amazing how he automatically knew what to do with it.

 Saturday was all about the beach.  Here is Ben with our hotel right behind him.  Seriously, this was a fantastic hotel.  Crazy good location in the heart of Pacific Beach, beautiful rooms, good breakfasts, and very kind staff.  Hooray for the Ocean Park Inn!

 The sand is serious business, you guys.

 The water was chilly and Jack wasn’t a fan.  But he liked jumping around in Dad’s arms.

 Playing in the sand with Sadie and Lexie, Natalie, George, Sylvie, Larry and great-grandparents (more pictures on my flickr)

We dipped in the hotel pool after the beach for some real swimming, but Jack was exhausted.  Wouldn’t you know, we went to the hotel room for a nap and got this instead:

 (My dad worked his sleep voodoo magic.  My parents babysat him while Ben and I strolled to Fatburger and a Mexican hut.)

More PB walking

 (He’s pointing to our hotel 😉

 Too bright!

Our flight home was easier than the arrival.  Jack slept for half of it and we were bumped to a stretch seating row.  After I took him through security Ben exclaimed to Jack “Uh oh!  You were recruited!”

Thank you mom and dad for a wonderfully wonderful summer vacation!

Death by Zumba

Back from vacation, feeling fat and bloated.  Last night after work I trolled the internet for dance classes and found the Wheat Ridge Rec Center, the gym I’ve been using since Miranda’s postpartum days, offers a zumba class at a convenient time today.  (“Zumba! Ditch the work-out, join the party!”) 

Possessed with self righteousness and a fervor like it was January 1st, I lay myself at the feet of Kris, our zumba instructor.  Super tanned with a belly ring, spiky red hair with blond highlights, neon green mini skirt, and a Britney mic, she whipped me for an hour.  Twenty minutes in I looked in the mirror and saw that I was lobster-red and dripping sweat.  I don’t know how I made it through all of class.  Kris bounced over after class and invited me to keeping coming.  I told her it depends on whether I wake up paralyzed with muscle ache tomorrow, or if I can manage to grunt my way through my shift.  Zumba!

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