Month: November 2004

Wish List

Although I’m still uncomfortable writing wish lists, I get the feeling it’s helpful for others. Here’s a few things I wouldn’t mind having in my life:

LoTR Return of the King !extended edition!

A pretty comforter that matches my bedroom, not too feminine

Thread and thread rack

“England Made Me” album by Black Box Recorder

A real ironing board with a nice pad

A ballet DVD (like Swan Lake or Sleeping Beauty or something)

Red Octane 2.0 Ignition DDR pad (just one, with foam insert, unfortunately expensive)

Candles. Lots of pillar candles.

A melon baller

My Fair Lady DVD

The Red Shoes-Criterion Collection

Edward Scissorhands DVD

Sweaters are always nice, so are gift cards to Home Depot and Target

Serving things (platter, big spoon and fork, etc)

Knife sharpener


I can check off one of those movies. I rented The Five Obstructions. It was pretty good, but Ben and Brian and I agree that Lars Von Trier is a twit.

Only one more day of work this week. It’s also Ben’s last day at work. Yea! Then we get to eat turkey and potatoes. Yea!

The Nintendo DS is out. It’s a sweet sweet little machine. Ben wants one for Christmas. I’ll mooch off him for a while, then decide if I want one myself. Gotta check out that WiFi. Plus there’s a new Animal Crossing game for it (though they haven’t announced it for America yet). Lest we forget, Animal Crossing is the game that sucked my life away 2 years ago. I played that game every day for 6 months. Seriously. Every day.

Good Movies from 2004

I would recommend seeing:


The Incredibles


Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Before Sunset

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban


Napoleon Dynamite

Spider-Man 2

Movies I’m looking forward to seeing:

The Five Obstructions

The Life Aquatic

Tokyo Godfathers

A Very Long Engagement

The Phantom of the Opera

Back to the Movies

Oh man, I was so sick last week. Luckily I was well by Saturday night, when I got to eat at Mataam Fez for my boss’s birthday. Moroccan food is pretty fun to eat. Unfortunately, Ben got sick that night so he couldn’t join me. To make up for it, tonight we are going on a date to Ethiopian food. He’s tried it before and loves it. It’ll be my first time.

I saw Primer at the Starz center last night. This movie is by far the smartest, most innovative, and dizzying movie I have seen this year. It has a very small distribution, so please look for it coming your way and be sure to see it.

I don’t want to give away too much, because a lot of the movie’s joy is trying to figure out what’s going on. It’s one of the few movies which expects the audience to actively listen to keep up with what’s happening. But if you want to know more details, read Roger Ebert’s review here.

What also impressed me immensly is the story of the film. Shane Carruth is an engineer-turned-movie maker. He wrote, directed, starred in, and edited the entire film. The whole thing was made for $7,000 and shot in a five weeks. Anyone who has attempted to make a movie will be utterly impressed with these numbers.

Go see Primer.


I love having Fridays off work. I’m able to get so much done around the house, and then have Saturday to play! I’m trying to train Molly on a leash. She’s still pretty scared of going outside and is annoyed by the leash, but I think with time she’ll come to enjoy it. Baby steps. 🙂 I found some useful information on leash training here.

Nothing too exciting has happened lately. I’m looking forward to seeing The Incredibles this weekend. Also, Mavi sent out a mass e-mail telling us about her newfound career in Shanghai, working on the latest Merchant Ivory film, The White Countess. Sounds like she’s rubbing elbows with a few stars.

It’s just another sunny and windy day in Colorado.

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