Month: April 2005

Almost Spring

Hello all! I thought we were done with snow the last time I posted. But we’ve had another spring snowfall in Colorado. Ben’s car locks were frozen this morning!

This ought to be a rather relaxing weekend. I’ll have a massage this afternoon before dance class. Tonight I’ll see Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The Serenity trailer is supposed to be attached! Speaking of Serenity, Brian swiftly alerted Ben to purchase tickets for an advance screening!!! The shows (link) were sold out within a few hours. I’m so jazzed to see it next week!

My cat is trying to lick my fingers while I type, so that’s all for now.


Wow, what a weekend. I sure didn’t expect to end up dancing to TMBG’s Ana Ng on a stage with Mavi and a pair of drag queens.

Ah, it’s not as wild as I make it out to be 😉 Mavi, Jeff, and I went to Lipgloss at La Rumba to dance. Lipgloss is a “Indie, Brit-Pop, Glam, Soul, and Rock” club. It exponentially multiplied the number of men in drag I’ve ever seen in person. And Hipsters galore. Quite fun actually. A bunch of people dress up in retro clothing to go out. Most of the men were wearing blazers and button-up shirts in pastels, some with ruffles. Some women wore pillbox hats and heels. The dance floor was empty until we started at it, and within 4 songs it was full. The DJs played a pretty good mix at the start: J-pop, french scat, Michael Jackson, Beck. Later in the night the music started to get predictably “80s” with the Clash, Depeche Mode, Rolling Stones, ACDC, still pretty good stuff, but not the great eclectic mix they had in the beginning. Whenever Mavi and I took a break, someone would encourage us to get dancing again (that’s how we ended up with Stacey and Kelly on the platform “stage”). Everyone was nice! It was refreshing to go to a dance club where people were there to dance and have a good, self-aware, time. Too often dance clubs are flesh fests, where people go to get stinking drunk or to hook up with a stranger. I’ll take La Rumba over Pollyesters any day.

I got tired pretty fast that Friday. 2 1/2 hours of aerobic dancing is tiring enough, but I had already had 1 1/2 hours of ballet that evening. Ballet is going really well. I pulled off a perfect double pirouette last week! I can control a single fairly regularly now. Sure, triples used to be my goal, but these days I’m happy to do a good single. Christina remarked that I was getting my strength back pretty fast:-)

We went to see Les Enfants Terribles at Starz last night. I didn’t like it very much. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mood for absurdist French cinema. Afterwards Ben, Bruce, Brian, Jeff, and I got a late bite at Pete’s Kitchen. I love my biscuits and gravy.

Brian and I have hit Scrabble hard since watching Word Wars. We played four games yesterday, and we have plans for more after dinner tonight. (I’m 3-1, though Brian got a bingo on the game he won. I’m insanely jealous).

Word Wars

I watched an interesting documentary with Ben and Brian last night. It’s called “Word Wars” and it’s about the Scrabble championships. If you like Spellbound and Trekkies, you’ll like
Word Wars. It’s a bit like Spellbound for adults. (Note: one contestant is rather found of foul language, so it’s not a movie to watch with kids.) These people are so obsessed with Scrabble, most of them don’t have jobs, they just play all day and hope to win money at tournaments. Not only is the subject matter interesting, but the documentary is very well edited and directed. You really get to know the community of Scrabble. You recognize the players. There’s clever title cards and informative sequences, like the final match, which is cleverly shown play-by-play. The movie dances along at a nice pace. My favorite player has to be G.I. Joel. Joel has a lot of G.I. problems. It’s hilarious.

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