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May – a month of changes

Sometimes I feel like everything is changing.  In the last month:

  • We became a two-cat household
  • I started yoga, and make it to those classes more often than zumba
  • My last child finished Kindergarten
  • My oldest is officially a “tween” (according to the library’s summer reading program)
  • We got a new car
  • We got new callings at church (Ben is leaving primary after 6 years in this ward, I’m leaving YW after 3 years, we will both be Youth Sunday School teachers)

All good stuff!  I’m not complaining!  But I think it justifies how completely exhausted I have felt recently.

Minivan Upgrade!

Despite the hectic weeks with new cats, school ending, and a birthday party to host, we have been shopping for a new car.  My little Nissan finally needed some significant work (new struts), giving me just cause to replace it.  We’ve been wanting a minivan for years.  Ben and I did deep research into SUVs, crossovers, and all the available minivans on the market.  Then we had to locate a car on the market that best matched the features we wanted.  After hours of reading, looking, driving, and haggling, we took home the perfect new car!


A Chrysler Pacifica Touring Plus.  It has a heated steering wheel for me and a DVD player for the kids.  It has power doors and a back-up camera – these are pretty standard nowadays but a total luxury for me!  We wanted cloth seats and the easy to stow flat bucket seats in the back.  I love being in a higher position on the road and having SO MUCH ROOM.  Sam is finally able to buckle himself into his booster seat because in my old car it was too cramped and squashy for him to reach.

img_4142               img_4147

I quickly added some minivan essentials: trash bag suspended from the front arm rests, and a tennis ball to help park in the garage.  Some things can’t be improved upon with technology 😉

img_4143-1              img_4146-1

Ben took a picture of my old car side by side as we were leaving.  They low-balled a trade-in offer, so we’re going to figure out selling it after life calms down a little more.


I looked back in my blog to the last time I got a new car.  Might as well update the timeline:


Jack’s Birthday Party

Saturday we celebrated Jack’s 9th birthday by playing mini-golf with friends!  This was the first time we held the party away from the house, with a smaller group of friends.  It was a total success!  Adventure Golf gave us a wonderful experience.


I made the cake on Friday. Jack requested a chocolate cat-cake that looks like Freddy.  The ears are made of Kit-Kat bars.

Dylan, Grady, Kingston, Jack, and Addie.  Ruby joined us later in the clubhouse after her soccer game.

Ben took Sam and his friend, Elias, on another course at their own pace.  They started tearing through the tees as soon as we started, so we decided everyone would be happier split up for a while.  

There’s a volcano that erupts every 10 minutes.  A few of us have never seen it, so the group decided to wait for eruption.  They patiently waited 8 minutes for the big show.  It was much bigger than I expected!

Jack was obviously impressed too.

After an hour of golf, we got to our reserved clubhouse.  It had cable TV, a popcorn machine, a soda machine (UNLIMITED JUICE -Buster Bluth), and balloons all set up.  

Our host brought pizza and utensils.  I loved how hands-off the party was for me!

We had the clubhouse for 90 minutes, so I suggested we bring Jack’s Beyblades for a grand tournament.  Most of them hadn’t played before and it was a fun diversion.

Cake time, and then presents and goodie bags were passed around.  For the last half hour the kids took ice cream vouchers to concessions for a soft-serve treat, then played in the Mine Maze until parents arrived.  No tears – even from Jack!  It was a slam dunk party.  (Especially with all the snow and rain this May, right up until Thursday we were wearing heavy coats!  But Friday and Saturday were sunny and warm, just perfect).

Sam and Jack wanted to bring balloons home for the kitties.  Freddy had a good time.

Sam is certainly creative

The second to last day of school, I’m sitting in the parking lot, waiting to pick up the boys, when I get this message from Sam’s Kindergarten teacher:

“Your son may have had a little too much fun this afternoon! You’ll see soon! Sorry…”

Hoo-boy, can’t wait, I replied.

She was very apologetic and swears she would have stopped him, but he was very fast. I don’t doubt it. Ah well. Here’s hoping those markers are washable! What a way to end the school year.

Double cats

oh my gosh…

You guys…

It’s happening!!!

My hard work has paid off!! In two weeks they have gone from hissing constantly to cuddle neighbors. I predict by next winter they will be snuggle buddies!

End of school year events

The end of the school year means lots of projects being shared and brought home, and lots of events to attend. Thursday was a triple whammy (plus piano lesson!). I went to the community fair and the student-led conferences.

Bounce houses at the fair:

The kids loved showing off their work to me.

They boys earn many points during the year for good behavior and are trying to spend them all. Jack’s favorite prize is to have lunch with the teacher. Sam always chooses to bring a stuffy to school for the day. I didn’t even know there were other choices until I saw this poster in his classroom:

I think these choices are hilarious! A pen for a day – wow!

That same day we went to the scouts year end picnic, where Jack officially advanced to Webelos. They had a hot dog dinner, then skits and s’mores.

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