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18 Months Old

Remember way back when I used to post photo-heavy blog entries of Jack every month?  And then he turned The Big One Year and I stopped doing it?  Well guess what.  It’s been six months already!

While I was desperately trying to get a fistula to work this morning (end of story: I failed) Ben took up the old Nikon to take some adorable portraits of our buddy.  Our dude.  Our little guy. 

With his haystack hair

 And buck-toothed devilish grins

Strutting around the house like he owns it.  He not only walks, he runs and dances too. He can go down the slide by himself and climb up on the chairs to sit at the table (or on the table, if he can get away with it).

Killer abs 😉

So many teeth!  He is getting the first of his canines now.  I’ll be glad when that’s over.

He’s a total charmer.  He signs really well and is adding some small words.  He can say “teh tah” to ask for the Turtle song.  He likes Itsy Bitsy Spider and Monkeys Jumping on the Bed too.  He picked up the choreography to each song right away. 

He’s curious and gung-ho.  We have many head bumps and scrapes and tumbles from his adventures. 

This is a paltry description of the many wonderful things Jack can do and is learning every day.  It’s incredible how he absorbs everything.  I’ll give up trying to summarize it here.  Every new age is my favorite age.  I miss my baby, but I love my toddler even more.

PS: Here is Jack one year ago.  Mind = Blown.

Happy Newsies, I mean, Thanksgiving!

Yay!  I’m done with my scheduled shifts this week.  I only have to be on-call on Turkey Day and I’m low on the tree (so finger crossed no calls!).  Then I have three glorious days off.  The Grandparents Mason are here giving Jack almost non-stop giggles.  There’s a cheese log in my fridge.  What could be better?

I’m unwinding with Newsies mash-ups.  You know I love me some Newsies.  I have my ticket from the original release almost 20 years ago.  (Whoa.  I am getting old.)  I would LOVE to see the new musical in New York.  I hope there’s a performance on the Thanksgiving Parade tomorrow.

Oh, what’s that?  You want to see the mash-ups too?  Let’s do it, ah-break it dowwwn!  (Love me some DJ Lance too.)

I just watched 14 of those.

There’s a solo of Christian Bale dancing to Santa Fe too.   I kid you not: I memorized this as a pre-teen.  I think this works amazingly well with Gaga.

Where have I been?

This was fun to make!  I might have missed some childhood drive-throughs.  Surely a girl born in Maryland has been to more small eastern states?

(Map has been updated with new info from my fam: increased from 54% to 70%)
visited 35 states (70%)
Create your own visited map of The United States

My world map isn’t as impressive.

Visited 14 states (6.22%)
Create your own visited map of The World

I’d love to see the maps from the impressive travelers in my family – like the one carousing in Paris right now.

The Bulldog

Love it when:

I'm off on Monday
They overstaff me on Tuesday
Allowing me to stay up late
And Ben puts Jack to bed
So I can go to trivia

Kind of makes up for working 13 hours on Sunday.

Killer Sammy

I love it when I pack an awesome lunch. Chocolate and Cheetos, DPT, an a roast beef sammy with pickles. It can brighten a day.

PS I totally had a breakfast with bran, flax, oat, and other health-nutty things in a bar so you can stop judging.


Shellac manicures: as awesome as everyone says. I'm a fan. Treated myself to join Amanda in her preparations for Paris.

The Sing-Off: super sad Vocal Point are gone. But I love ALL the groups now, so I'm sad that any group has to go. (Ben is ecstatic Colorado beat Utah.)

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