Month: March 2006

Wishing days and nights were longer

Busy weekend! I’ve been working on choreography and rehearsals for the spring recital. I’m feeling stressed out for some reason, I really shouldn’t though. It’s all volunteer, and I genuinely enjoy working on the recital. But I’m missing all my leisure time. I’m also not cooking as much adventurous food as I used to. Still cooking though, and maybe I’ll post some pictures soon. In fact, I made a strawberry rhubarb pie this weekend. Not much else to say. Saw a couple movies, cleaned the house, life goes on.

Interesting Artist

I’ve been enjoying the work of Riva Sweetrocket during the past month. Her collection of pastels have been on display at Arvada Center, in the gallery where I stretch before class. I am disappointed to read her notes on her website. What really struck me, besides the vibrant colors, was how absurd they are. I think they’re better when taken randomly. Reading the explanation is like dissecting a joke. If you browse her website, try not the read the fine print.

An Irish Celebration

Friday I cooked and cleaned and sewed, just like a real wife! 😉 Here’s one of my recipes and my future skirt. This fabric is a dream to work with.

The party! Brian turned 25 this week, so we had an Irish dinner celebration last night. Ben bought him a GI Joe gun, which is targeting the meat in this picture. Notice my lovely soda bread! I should have made two, it was tasty, hearty, and quickly devoured.

The whole meal: Corned beef, boiled cabbage, soda bread slathered in butter, and assorted root vegetables – parsnips (“what’s that?”) carrots, turnips, and potatoes.

And for dessert I attempted the Norwegian Birthday Cake, a tradition in Ben’s family. It’s an angelfood cake with strawberry cream between three layers, coated in sweeted whipped cream, and topped with fresh strawberries.

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