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A Late Mother’s Day

Look what I got in the mail today!

I have been using the Kindle app on my iPhone to read while I nurse Jack.  It works well but drains the battery very fast.  I was wistfully looking at the new Kindle 2 since they had the price drop.  Ben picked up on my heavy hints and “surprised” me with a shiny new gadget!

Hee hee hee.  I LOVE it. 

One Month Old

I’ll stop with the anniversaries soon, but one month is a milestone!  I’m so impressed with how fast Jack is growing.  He smiles and sighs.  He holds his head up when he is upright.  He seems to be a double sneezer, like my brother.  What else will we discover?


I went to visit April with her daughter Ella this week.  We couldn’t believe how small and big they look!  Ella was born at 34 weeks, 2 days before Jack, who was born at 41 weeks.  Also, her family are all shorties while I come from a family of monster men on both sides.  I love this photo!

My mom came to visit for a couple days this week and it was heaven!  She just took care of Jack for me and kept me entertained for two days.  We went shopping and got some cute outfits for Jack.  She taught me how to do a kitchen sink bath.  He’s still not a fan of being wet and naked.  I caught up on some sleep while she cared for him in the afternoon and mornings.  I could have her come every week!


I never posted a follow-up to the nursery decorating, did I?  Here are some photos from the other day.

I received this Poang rocking chair from Ikea and I just love to nurse here!  I set up a little station with water, books, burp cloths, and boppy.  I use it at night instead of nursing the bed because it’s more comfortable to sit in the chair.  The book shelf is more supplies than books at this point, with a few toys thrown in the mix.  You can see I chose the teal damask print fabric for curtains.  I’m happy with my choice.  Miranda is working on turning the bird print fabric that I also bought into a quilt! 

On the left is another angle of the crib wall.  You can see the wall decal from Blik that is the main decoration.  Also, my finished sweater vest is pinned on the wall, waiting for him to grow into it.

On the right is the changing area.  I framed the fox prints that I found in NYC and put those above the table.  We have a cloth diaper service right now, and those are piled in the green basket.  The robot painting was done by my brother Andrew.

While taking these pictures Jack napped in his crib for the first time!  He has a preference for sleeping in his basket, so I’m slowly getting him used to being the crib.  We’ll probably move him out of our room to sleep in the nursery in a couple weeks. 

Mason Family Shower

Last weekend Ben’s aunts hosted a lovely baby shower as a chance for the family to meet Jack.  They had great snacks, including M&Ms with his name printed on them!  My parents and grandmother came all the way out to attend the shower.  We got some great things to round out our nursery, including a diaper bag, baby monitors, nightlights, and an exersaucer. I posted all my pictures on flickr, but here are some of my favorite of him being passed around.

Packing on the Chub

This guy is totally growing a double chin, dontcha think?
Oh yeah.  And some hamster cheeks.
This explains the nightly crankiness from 4pm-10pm, when he just wants to eat eat eat and fuss fuss fuss.
He’s all, “What evvs.  I’m a baby.  Deal with it, yo.”


After 20 minutes of fussing I couldn’t figure out what he needed.  So I let him fall asleep on my shoulder.  I guess that’s what he needed.  🙂

Happy Father’s Day

Ben and Jack, at 3 weeks and 2 days old, on Father’s Day. This is also the first time Jack has smiled in response to our voices and faces (instead of just after eating or burping). What a moment to catch! I had a hard time picking my favorite photo, so check out the others on Ben’s photostream.


Dude, you can order Qdoba nachos with the chips on the side, so they
don't get soggy. We're getting a fathe'rs day lunch before going to a
family-hosted baby shower.

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