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Mmm, fudge… [edited]

PS: I had a third interview-type thing with the dialysis company today. It looks great. It’s a dream job for a new nurse. It will be hard, but I’m ready for it. I’m 90% hired. They want me, they just need to submit my candidacy to the higher-ups and get salary approval sorted out (and if they offer me anywhere near what they talked about today, it’s bazzonkas for a new nurse). (Yes I made up that word).

PPS: Galactorrhea is a side effect of Haldol. I’ll probably never forget that now.

PPPS: Brian has Battlestar Galactorrhea. HA!

A walk in the park

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The colors were glorious at Crown Hill today. I took a load of photos with Ben’s fancy schmancy camera. Look on my flickr page for more.

Follow-up, because I know you care :-)

My job interview went very well. Except that it wasn’t an interview. They didn’t ask me any questions about myself. It was more like a first day orientation to the job. They seemed wary about making sure I wanted to work for them. It was weird, but I got the impression the job is mine if I want it. I’ll be hearing from them this week and hopefully will get something more concrete.

It’s been a lazy weekend and I love it. Lots of rain, I posted pictures on flickr of my thriving garden. Lots of good food, lots of hanging out with friends, playing with Zaley. I made a strawberry tart from Julia Child’s book and I made ice cream from Miranda’s recipe. I messed it up, not adding the milk that was in the instructions but not on the ingredient list. It still tasted good. Nate is starting to watch Neon Genesis Evangelion. It’s a well regarded anime series that Brian loves. I watched the whole thing with him two summers ago, while I was doing pre-reqs at Red Rocks. I hope I get to watch a fair amount of it with them. Of course, So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) has started, and Burn Notice will be on soon, and I’m gunning for the Stamps to watch Arrested Development with me, so I might have too much TV on my plate 🙂

Tomorrow it’s back to studying for NCLEX. I’ll leave dishes until then too. Right now it sounds real good to get in warm pjs and listen to the rain as I fall asleep.

Studying hard

I have heard complaints that we didn’t summarize our cupcake findings. Well, we all dug into them so fast and we didn’t spend too much time talking and deliberating. But I think the consensus was that Lovely Confections had the best tasting cake and frosting overall, but their style was a little conservative and their flavors a bit subtle. The Shoppe came in strong with powerful flavors and funner design, plus their shop was deemed the most fun for visiting and hanging out.

I’ve been pretty good with studying for NCLEX, getting in 2-4 hours everyday M-Th. I scored very high on my second practice test, so that’s encouraging. I received authorization to test from DORA and Pearson, and scheduled June 10th to test. I was planning to take it a tad earlier, but that was the next time available. I won’t complain about a few extra days to study.

Busy day today. Miranda and I had an awesome session in the gym this morning – we ran for 25 minutes instead of 20, learned a new machine in the weight room, and benched 55 pounds (up from 45). It’s about time for me to cram molly into her new cat carrier for a vet visit – she’ll love that 😉 Then I have a quick break to change out of my cat-hair covered clothes into something more professional for a job interview at 2 pm. Exciting! I’m trying not to get my hopes up about this one, but it sounds good. We shall see. At least it’s nice to have an interview; jobs are scarce. I’ll let you know how it goes. Then tonight I hope to make a strawberry tart from “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.”

Happy Friday!

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