Month: October 2004

The horror of horror movies

Ugh. Tonight Ben is leaving for the Superhouse. He and Brian are going to watch their annual Halloween horror movie marathon. This year they get an extra hour: 25 hours from midnight to midnight. This is always a bummer for me. I’ve tried to watch horror movies, but I really can’t stand them. So I get to be all alone the entire night and day. I’ll probably stop by once or twice just because it’s something to do.

American McGee’s Alice

So I’ve never played this game, but a lot of my friends have. I always liked the artwork and thought this would be a fun dress to sew.

I didn’t use a pattern, just my dress form and my grandmother’s Dress Design: Draping and Flat Pattern Making from 1948. I probably spent about 10 hours on it.

One part I regret is that I didn’t make a full circle dress. I gathered one very long piece, thinking that that would suffice. Now I think it would have been easier to sew together two long pieces to make a square, then cut out the waist in the center of a circle. Oh well.

I also tried to make a petticoat. Those are hard! I ended up adapting the storebought one from my wedding dress.

There are two sets of planetary symbols I’ve seen used on Alice’s apron. The symbols I used (Jupiter and Neptune) are the ones from the video game.

The blood was darker and thicker than I’d hoped. It didn’t blotch well, instead I got thick smears. But the point comes across:-)


The Superhouse threw a Halloween bash last night. Yea! A place to wear my costume!

Ooo, candles! It was a very windy night, so these required frequent re-lighting. Those are Severed Ladies’ Fingers. Recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Protoman and Alice.

Who? Compare for yourself:

Matt as Gumby. Jarred as a serial killer.

You must read Bruce’s sign. Trevor as Karl Rove.

Katie’s a high school goth. “Can you give me a ride home?”

Jeff is a puppet from Team America. He says the pose makes the costume work.

Brian as the Re-Animator. Jeff is Peter Griffin.

Neil as the Chicken who attacks Peter Griffin.

New York in 23 hours

When Ben heard about The Last Starfighter the Musical at Storm Theater he knew he just couldn’t miss it. He talked me into using Jet Blue, an airline I’ve come to love, and said we shouldn’t bother with a hotel.

So we left Denver Saturday morning at 1 am and arrived in New York at 6 am. We hopped on the subway and had breakfast at Tom’s Diner. You can see the famous “Restaurant” sign between us.

We took a long walk through central park. I went shopping at one of my favorite stores, H&M, near Rockafeller square. Then we strolled over to Times Square to locate the theater. We happened upon a fantastic pizza place. Mmmm, New York pizza. Ain’t nothing like it. Unfortnately, my appetite was so out of whack from our weird schedule that I couldn’t eat nearly as much as I would have liked.

The musical was…cheesy. Ben enjoyed it immensly. I found it funny at times. I hated the movie it’s based on, what can I say? Besides, the musical wasn’t the reason I came along. I came for the adventure.

The last item on our agenda was an egg cream. Not to hard to find one, even in the rain. I think the place was called West Side diner. Strange how all the diner-type restaurants have the same menu with the same cantalope and cottage cheese dish, and a bored girl sitting at a cash register up front.

After an exhausting flight home, we collapsed in bed aroudn midnight Saturday night. Although it was thoroughly awesome, I don’t think I’ll be making another trip like that anytime soon.


Ant invited Ben to be his groomsman, so we got to visit Kentucky. Rural Kentucky. Not much there, but we had a fun time exploring anyway. I pet a baby cow! Oh, and yes, that is a deer gun rack.

San Diego

Been travelling a lot lately. In August Ben and I went to San Diego for a wedding. We visited our friend Neil too, who recently moved to California from Golden. His house is pretty sweet.


Fall has come. Despite not watering my plants since a month ago, the petunias and morning glories still bloom.

But there is frost on my car in the morning, so any plants I want to keep alive over the winter have come inside today. Including the catnip.

Demolisher is self medicating today.

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