Month: December 2005

New movie

The trailer for Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette is online here. (Stupid moviefone exclusive with its teeny tiny screen and noncompatability with firefox).

I’m excited for it. Yes, we all hate Kirsten Dunst. But hey, Jason Schwartzman as Louis XVI? Rock on!


Wow, huge picture dump. I think I’m all caught up.

If you loved the Shining trailer, you must see the new A Christmas Gory trailer.

This morning I couldn’t find my cat. After two hours I heard her tags clinking, but muffled. I called and she mewed back – from inside Ben’s dresser. She had been trapped inside his shirt drawer all morning!

Holiday Cooking!

The most incredible cookie! Big Soft Ginger cookies with molasses and sugar crystal crust.

Somosas (baked, not fried). Filling from here, with a crust from Mark Bittman’s book.

Butternut Squash soup with parmesan croutons and brussel sprouts. Combine 1 onion, 1 peeled and seeded squash with vegetable broth and salt/pepper in a slow cooker. Cook on low 5 hours. Puree, add cream cheese, parmesan, and nutmeg, and cook for 30 minutes or until you are ready to eat.

Baked Sandwich using Rhodes dough, with pulled chicken breast, provolone, and pesto filling.

Pumpkin Spice cake with honey frosting. From Martha’s Everyday Food magazine (recipe).

When’re you gonna see the bay bee?

San Diego, another beautiful city! Sadie’s a real cutie.

Doting family.

Mmm, lamb fries!

The “Pan”tastic new 8 in One SuperPan from Globochem.
Bakes! Boils! Fries! Broasts! Briggs! Froils! Bribbles!

The car was a little cramped.

whatever you do, DO NOT PICK THE FERN!!!!


I had a meeting in Chicago at the Sofitel at the beginning of November. Gorgeous hotel, fun town, and the meeting went well!

My room.

The watertower, which was 2 blocks from my hotel.

I had to get a hot dog. Somewhat disappointing. Isn’t pickles and relish a bit redundant?

This wavy yard was along the waterfront.

Jogger going to Navy Pier.

The Lake.

Went to the House of Blues my last night. The band was great and I got to boogie down.

My boss gave us Vosges chocolates as a thank you gift for our work on the meeting. Very expensive and exotic truffles. The flavors I picked include absinthe, curry, wasabi and sesame, paprika, chile, and black pepper. Yum!

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