Month: October 2015

Fall is the BEST

Blame this beautiful autumn on my last of blog posts.  We are having too much fun doing delicious fall things to sit around type.  (Mostly working on Halloween costumes, which I now declare finished).  So here’s a random assortment of happy Octoberness!


Last weekend was a whirlwind of activity.  All our parents were in town for a couple events.  First, we attended the premiere of Brian’s last movie at the Alamo.  Our friend Trevor arranged the showing there, complete with trivia by Geeks Who Drink.  It was a fun and bittersweet time to get together with friends again and celebrate Brian.  A fitting thing to do in October.  Trevor made a poster for his movie and we were all thrilled to see it on the Alamo theater room frame, just like the do for major movie releases shown there.

That evening we had a fun dinner out to celebrate Amanda’s birthday! The boys behaved remarkably well considering all the craziness of the day.

Sunday we spent the day with the extended Mason family.  Ben’s uncle Dave Tyson passed away from a heart attack the previous Tuesday.  The whole family gathered from near and far (Australia) for his funeral service and a family gathering at Berit and Dan’s house.  It was wonderful to see everyone together, but Dave was sorely missed.


Space Drawings

Jack has decided to be an astronaut for Halloween.  He has been drawing a lot of space pictures and I thought this one was particularly good. 

He is on the left (brown hair, green eyes) and Sam is on the right (blue eyes).  Ben and are I are in the rocket ship (“with the window that you move around through, and it has a fin and wings and fire”).  Clockwise from the top left you have Jupiter, three stars, Mars, the Sun, Earth (“where we live”), Saturn with a ring, and Pluto with icicles (“because it’s so cold there”). 

Jack’s Dance Recital

Jack had his first dance recital today for ballet and tap.  Despite his insecurities about being the only boy in his class, he turned into quite the performer!  I ordered a DVD and will share a video clip when I get one.

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