Month: June 2013

Settling in, getting hot

Not much to say.  Just thought I’d post a few pics.  Jack and I are back in the glorious swing of routine.  I’ve stalled on unpacking as we reached that stage where enough is out of boxes to live.  Eventually, a certain box in my view will grate on me enough that I unpack it, but for now I’m taking a break.  Also, someday I need to, you know, put together a baby room.  For a baby.  Now only 3 months away.  But I have time, right?  I also finished getting the old house ready for sale.  It will be listed at midnight.  Does anyone out there need a townhouse?

Anyway, here are some snapshots from the last week.  Dang.  I can’t believe I was walking around in a sweater just then.  I’ve had our swamp cooler on all day today (verdict – not as good as A/C but pretty dang helpful and a lot cheaper).   The heat continues for the rest of the week. 


Jack got two capes for his birthday, Superman/reversible Batman from April, and this one from Amanda with the sign for Danger.  He’s pretty into them.



Matching tats


Jack LOVES to help me in the kitchen.  Maybe it’s because now there’s a stool for him in the kitchen all the time, because he pulls it up to the counter with every meal, insisting “I help you! I help you!”  Saturday morning we made crepes.  He asked for peas after gagging them down with dinner the night before, saying “I like peas!”  See, Dr. Nagel told him at his check-up that he should try to eat more superfoods, like superheroes do, so he can be super strong and fast.  I can’t believe that’s working.  He’s eaten a handful peas, a bite of broccoli, and half a slice of avocado since then.  Not much, but that’s infinitely more than the amount of green he would eat before = big fat zero.  Anyway, on this particular morning he ate only two peas because the crepes introduced him to Nutella.  Seriously mom?  You want me to eat peas when this brown stuff exists??


White Fence Farm with my family right before they left for Europe. 


Oh my gosh.




Jack is going to make this new baby WORK IT to beat his cuteness. 

More help in the kitchen.  He can wash, stem, and pit cherries all by himself.



This week’s story time made me proud because he sat up front with the other kids the whole time.  Normally he makes me sit with him in the middle on the floor, so he can be on and off my lap.  This way, I got to sit in a comfy chair in the back.  He did great!




Mostly great.  In terms of bravery.  Not so much in front row etiquette. 


Random today shots



Jack’s 3rd Birthday


My whole photo set is up on Flickr.  Here are my favorites.  Not a bad little party considering we had moved the day before and half the invited friends were out of town on holiday. The important thing is that there were balloons, cake, presents, and Jack had a great time.












(Thank you, Amanda, for taking these!

Important skills

Jack likes to play Lego Star Wars on the Xbox.  He’s getting really into it now. 

Later he paused to game to drink some water from his sippy cup.  Hilarious.

Ben took video too and sent it to me.  See facial twitching and aforementioned sippy cup break.

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