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Do ruffles make the sniffles go away?

Stuck at home today with a cold. Well, I would be stuck at home anyway, but today had the distinction of including a headache. I tried to do my reading for class but didn’t get through it all and not much stuck to my brain. I didn’t even try to do some dictation. Too bad really, because this week I might actually be busy. Wednesday I want to bake and assemble treats for Movie Club at our house. Thursday I’ll be helping film interviews for my old job. Saturday we’ll be filming a good old Movie Saturday (fingers crossed!). I hope all my resting today will help this cold blow over quickly.

One thing I can still do is ogle pretty shirts from Anthropologie. I love the feminine details! Even if these are several times the cost of what I would ever pay for a shirt.

Yeee Haw!

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sheep, originally uploaded by Ben Mason.

For the first time we went to the National Western Stock Show on Friday with the Walkers. It was fun to go as a cultural excursion. Everything was new to me. Everything was familiar to Ben and reminded him of his younger years. We saw cows and chickens and bunnies and sheeps and dogs. The dog agility show was pretty fun, but they took far too long to set up their courses, especially since it was just a demonstration, not a contest. I had a giant hot dog with kraut for dinner. There are more pictures on Ben’s flickr site.

Taking a cue from Oh Happy Day (a blog Miranda turned me onto), instead of buying some clothes I’ll post pictures of them.

These are from Forever 21. I cleaned out my closet this week and made a huge donation pile. I realized I have very few blouses. Many button ups (I hate wearing them but felt compelled to buy them for work) and MANY t -shirts. I like the ruffles and poufy short sleeves.

Ta Daaaa

Welcome to my redesigned site! If you check my blog on a feed reader you should click through to see my new decor. My html skills are totally 1337 😉 Seriously though, this took much twiddling to get out all the little kinks, all the strange roundies, the wide margins with short borders, the residual side bars.

Yes, that’s me in the header. The colors are kind of weird so my eyes don’t look blue. Those are flowers Ben gave me for May Day when I was living in my closet, I mean, dorm sophomore year. I’ll probably change the picture from time to time. Maybe I can come up with some iconography. What other new features are there?

  • Wide window for viewing two photos on a single line
  • Larger font for easier reading
  • Colors that are easier to read
  • Updated profile

What do you think?

Craft Room Decorating

The spare bedroom has been a slow work in progress. I use it as an office, a craft room, a dressing area, and storage. With a little extra spare time this week I made some strides in personalizing and organizing it.

I got these sweet black boxes when my office bring emptied. Now there are neatly labeled boxes for pens, scissors, embroidery, ribbons, etc. Next to the desk I set up a charging station for all our electronics. Above the ironing board (that I use more for clutter than ironing) is the painting Andy made me for Christmas.

My vanity (how did I live without it?) with my Black Apple print. On the right is the cabinet I rescued from our dumpsters. Behind the dress form is an improvised scarf rack made of foam board, fabric, and thumbtacks.

My little sewing desk, now with bulletin board so I can quickly glance at my patterns. Now I just need to get my sewing machine fixed 😉

By the way, a certain someone has a birthday coming up. She has a list here if anyone is looking for ideas. Ben and I still want to make a better wish list site, but for now this ugly one will have to do.

Cooking in the New Year

It’s time to get busy in the kitchen!

Buffalo Chicken Pizza was absolutely delectable! My fresh ham sandwich was also tasty.

This winter meal was made with alternative cooking vessels. I steamed the sprouts, carrots, and parsnips with herbs and butter in a clay pot. I cooked the lentils in my pressure cooker (which I’m LOVING) and stirred in some kielbasa.

Desserts! This lemon pound cake got a little too brown because my oven was too hot. I covered it up with lemon glaze. I couldn’t wait to eat the cinnamon rolls before taking a picture. They have cream cheese frosting but I store it separately so the rolls don’t break down from the gooey-ness.

Things are looking sunnier

I dismantled the “defective” part to further investigate the dripping. After tightening it up I think I might have fixed the problem. Ben’s uvula is shrinking back to normal. Jem’s eyes have been clear since we replaced her kennel bedding. I spent a good part of this morning cleaning out my craft room/office and I’m quite pleased with the results.

It’s week three of my online Ethics course, five weeks to go. At times the class is thought provoking and interesting. Most of the time I’m bogged down by the online course format. I hate the forced thread posting for credit. It makes me glad I’ve gone so long without having to do an online class. Tey r teh suxor.

I’m taking a Monday night ballet class this term. It’s great to stretch and leap about. I’m trying to do aerobics everyday so I can improve my stamina. (Denise Austin in hilarious.) I think I’ll do better in dance class if I don’t wear out so easily.

Bugger. The toilet piece is hissing at me now. It’s not defective, it’s just bad design. Irg. I still don’t want to pay for another piece after I bought the whole kit!

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