Month: June 2012


Another busy busy day.  Today was shift 3 of 5 this week.  It was interesting because I had two apheresis treatments.  And a coworker did a third at another hospital!  We go weeks, and sometimes months without doing any, so this is very unusual.

Meanwhile, Ben captured this video.  We are so happy Jack is getting better at playing with other kids.  I took him to the Cherry Creek play place and he didn’t hit a single kid the whole hour.  He even waited his turn to go up and down the slide.  Ben tells me these two did this cookie routine over and over.  Not just side-by-side playing either, I’d call this playing TOGETHER!

Over the River and Through the Woods

Amanda coordinated the whole family’s calendars for a weekend in Grand Junction. It was much fun, as expected. Ben stayed home for some well-deserved bachelor time. I took Jack for his third consecutive week getting Grandparented (“spoiled”).

Except for some carsickness from him on the way over, it was a great time. And now my car is fitted for such accidents should they happen again. Lots of pool and good food. I relaxed my carb counting. I paid for it in bloat afterwards, but the weight seems to be falling off as I go back to the diet. We also saw MIB III and yes, Brian, it was funny. It made the 90s feel like a long time ago. Boy, I’m getting old.


All packed up, right?  Here was my car-entertainment and snack set-up.

Jack in the back not feeling too hot.  Notice the outfit change. 

Ahh, the majesty.  I love this drive.  Then right outside Gypsum a second unplanned stop and change into outfit #3.

Made it to GJ!  Jack (now in outfit #4) feeling much better and adding a third puppy to his menagerie.  Also, this gorgeous scarf Mom knit using the yarn I spun for her Mother’s Day gift.  Didn’t it turn out fantastic?!

Loading up on berries for the weekend.  We had to make a second trip after he ate them all in 24 hours.  Mmm, baked brie by Amanda.  TOTALLY worth the crackers.

Playing in the backyard, including the pool!  We swam all three days that we were there.  Jack takes to the water like a fish.

Goofing off with the dogs and toddler early in the morning.

Dad makes biscuits and sausage gravy while Andy and Jenn serenade.

Main Street for shopping and to play in their splash pad.  Jack had fun, even though it was a little rough for him. 

Right in the head!

While we saw the movie Jack napped and made cookies.


More pool, this time with dogs!  Jack thought Lucy was HILARIOUS.

Bedtime with my mom, then up and at ’em the next morning.  Styrofoam coolers make super building blocks.

Love these glasses.  I regret that he’s added them to his “gear,” making getting out the door all the more complicated.  But they are so adorable!  Dad came out in a twin outfit.

Back home we had to go!  Jack nodded off here at the first stoplight on my way out of town.  On the right he is eating french fries, giving me surly looks.  Not happy to be in the car but abated with Finding Nemo on the Kindle hanging off the front seat and salty, crispy snacks we usually withhold.  I was just happy we didn’t have to make any extra clean-up stops.

So happy to be home!  Jack whipped out Blues Clues (Boo Coo!  Or, “beaucoup” as we joked) with his two puppies.  We love visiting and can’t wait to get in the pool again.

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