Month: August 2019

Fall sweaters done!

A simple pattern knit with bulky weight acrylic, these only took about a week each to knit!

Jack: Sam, will you get my chrome book from my room so we can watch roller coaster videos?

Sam: Get it yourself! I’m not your bride!

Maid, I think, was the word he was searching for. We explained the mistake and then laughed together (with my inner feminist silently simmering).

Is it fall yet?

It’s still August, but the kids have been talking about Halloween for weeks already.

But here’s the thing: I love it. I love Halloween. I’ve already been planning my costume and Ben’s too. I’ll feel less lame about it when September rolls around. But I don’t know if I can wait until October 1st to buy a pack of spooky orange Oreos.

August snapshots

Ben made a Giga pudding for the kids to try.

This guy turned one year old.

Jack wanted to celebrate by making the cats a “cake” using a recipe he got from Highlights magazine.

They loved it.

No movies to see this weekend, we went out for pizza with the kids.

After School Reactions

The kids were both happy and tired at pick-up time.  They both like their teachers and classes and had minimal complaints.


He was proudly showing me that he drank his whole water bottle

I tried to do a little interview for you all, but I must have exhausted their capacity to think and talk on the drive home.

To be honest, today I am MOST proud of my cats. I think they made the most personal growth out of all the family today.

All their cat tension-dissolved after a two hour snuggly nap.  Like bickering characters in a rom-com twist, they were suddenly all over each other. (For the record, Nimbus made the first move.)  Too, too cute.

Cuddling achieved

The cats were tormented by the birds while playing in the catio this morning. They came in for lunch and then took up watch from the window.

I sent Ben a cute photo of them falling asleep together at their post:

When I looked again and hour later, I found this:

I texted Ben to see if he agreed that we had reached cat-cuddling stage. He confirmed, saying “they’ve been through WAR, now is time for love.” Then he wrote a fitting diary entry for the occasion:

“The great corvid war of the 14th day of the parched grasses was harrowing for all involved.  As for myself, I learned to love a little more that day.” — Captain Nimbus, 1st battalion

First day of school

It’s finally here! The boys are starting their 2019 year of school.  Jack is in 4th grade, and Sam is in 1st grade.


It’s hard to keep your eyes open in the morning sun.


Jack is excited that he has one of his best friends in class this year.  Sam is excited to have a BOY teacher! Actually, they both have male teachers this year, but Jack says it’s not important to him.  They have a lot of familiar, fun classmates in each class. I’m sure it will be another great year of learning.

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