Month: June 2006

What is going on anyway?

Work: We’re running a study, which means a ton of boring adminstrative tasks mixed with interviewing depressed people on the phone all day.

Dance: The recital is over (yea!) and I’m still waiting for the DVD. Hopefully I can have a copy by 7/1 so I can show my family when they visit. I’ve been curious in starting up modern dance again. This week Christina was auditioning a new modern teacher so anyone could take the class for free. I am no longer curious about modern. Partially because I didn’t like how he ran class. The first hour was brutish “warm-up” = fast difficult exercises, including neck rolls, push-ups, and core work (sit-ups where you bring both your upper body and your legs into the air, so you’re balancing on your bum, and you do various leg movements while supporting yourself with you abs). Ordinarily I would be up for this sort of thing, but it was too much too early in the class. The last half hour got more dancy and fun. However, I think it’s too early for me to venture into another style. I took ballet for 10 years and then added modern dance for another 3 years. It took some time to adjust to the different techniques. Even though I’ve been back at ballet for 1 1/2 years now, it was too confusing to my body to turn in my legs, contract at the waist, etc. I’ll stick to ballet for now.

Film: My friends are doing a movie this July. I was really excited until the script was chosen, which I don’t like very much. I’m probably just going to do production design with Ben (dressing sets, costumes, make-up) though I may act in a minor female role if needed. Discussion on our movie can be read on the forum.

Home: We’re in the early stages of looking into the possibility of owning home. There’s no plan, we’re just poking about. We’re going to meet with a loan officer to see if it’s really feasible for us to own yet. This is driven by a number of factors. 1) Although our current living space is nice, the complex is getting really trashy. Bad neighbors. 2) I want my own walls so I can blare music and play ddr loudly. 3) Owning is better than renting in general. 4) Perhaps we could cut down our commutes to work. 5) It feels like it’s time to grow and mature a little bit. We signed a shorter lease this year to give us an open door. But seriously, we’re staying pretty neutral on this issue. It may not be a good idea until next year. We’re just looking into it.

Church: Still teaching the 5 year olds. In fact, I have to prepare two lessons for this weekend since we have to give Sharing Time in addition to our regular class. I like the kids, but I’ve been at this calling longer than any other. I’m weary of teaching and it would be nice to be taught instead. Oh well.

Crafts: I’m sorely in need of a new project. I have no ideas for sewing for myself and it’s the wrong season for knitting. Maybe I’ll make a buttload of baby shoes and ship them to Kristin.

Cat: Loveable as always.

Ben: Wonderful as always. The man scheduled me a massage appointment last week when I had a stressful day. How perfect is that?! He told me he likes his job (!) and is doing well at school. By the way, he is no longer taking formal classes. The MCSE certification requires that he schedule his own tests and pay for them in addition to tuition. His college has stopped offering some of the courses he needs anyway, so he’s going to study from his own books on his day off and skip the tuition part. I think it’s a good plan, now that the first semester gave him a jumpstart. Also he’s learning the banjo.

Freetime: Keeping up with the Economist and watching South Park

So all is well. Just busy busy busy.

The rain this morning…

reminded me how long it’s been since I last posted. Busy as always, but also trying to dance AND rest as much as possible since my week long break while sick, and Ben reformatted/reinstalled the OS on our computer, so I’ve put off using it. I had to reinstall some programs, and I’m posting this without Hello, my preferred method, because I’m sick of re-registering for it. Anyhoo.

What’s been cooking in my kitchen? Not much, but I have a few pictures to share.

This is leftover roasted pork loin dressed with a chinese sauce on udon noodles with asparagus, snap peas, and garlic.

Pocupine meatballs (beef and rice meatballs in a chili-tomato sauce) and steamed broccoli.

This tasted a lot better than it looks. It’s pesto pasta with parmesan and steamed sweet potato.

Pineapple + coconut milk = pina coladas

Blueberry Crumb Cake, recipe courtesy of Ms. Stewart here. I made some alterations to the recipe by adding lemon juice and zest and substituting plain yogurt for the sour cream.

These are really good chocolate cookies. They stayed moist and tasted fudgy, like brownies. I saw the recipe, originally from Cooking Light, on a blog called Baking Sheet.

See? Not many great dinners. Some ok baking though. I should have more time to think out next week’s menu today, since my car is in the shop I’m stuck at home. But since it’s raining, there’s no where else I’d rather be.

Ballet Recital is ON

Yea! One night down and two to go.

I got hit with a yucky cold this week, which really dragged down my spirits for the dance recital. Nevertheless, I went to the spacing run throughs and dress rehearsals to get my girls in prime condition. They had their first show last night and another tonight and tomorrow afternoon. I’m helping with quick costume changes during the shows (though not Sunday’s) and Christina has me come out with the teachers to be introduced and bow at the end of the show. It’s really weird to be on a stage and not have anyone to search for in the audience. In fact, I haven’t been on a stage in a long time! Maybe Christina (the dance program director) will wrangle me into dancing on one. She hinted at it earlier this year.

I’ve posted one of the dances I choreographed on Google Video. Please consider the following excuses while viewing:

  • This was the dress rehearsal, so Christina makes some comments and there’s no applause at the end.
  • This was the first time the girls had to do the entire show full out without stopping.
  • They’ve already been dancing for 1 1/2 hours, mostly grand and petit allegros.
  • My dances are the last two in the show, so they are completely wiped out by this point.
  • They didn’t have a warm-up that day.
  • In my haze of sickness, I neglected to turn off the auto-focus and adjust for low lighting, so the quality is poor.

This is probably the 3rd worst performance they’ve given of my dance, because of the above mentioned factors. They did much better last night, and I’m proud of their final performances. I’ll get a professionally made DVD of the show later, and I’d be happy to show any family and friends what it really looked like. This is just a taste.

And now that I’m filled with yummy panang curry, I’m going to get ready for tonight’s show. Ta Ta!

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