Month: December 2011


This little break from work is a time for getting things done! DIY presents: done! Laundry: done! And dinner of little hand pies with beef and potato filling: done by 11 am!

Musicals Again

Monday and Tuesday I trekked up the mountains once again to begin the school musical.  We held an information meeting and dance workshop Monday.  Today we auditioned 34 kids – each with dancing, singing, and acting; then cut it down to a callback list for Thursday.

I sadly had to return to Denver, back to life and nursing.  I get so excited to do the musical every year.  I really love teaching the kids to dance, and it’s nice that the director does not care about my lack of credentials.

This year Amanda’s assistant volunteered to do a behind-the-scenes film series.  He’s serious about it!  Look what he’s already posted about the first day.

I should cast the little 2.5 foot guy, right? Good moves on that one 😉 This will be so fun to have movies I can share with you.  Of course, that means subjecting you to my ever-increasing jiggliness.  Seriously, what do I call a post-partum pouch that is now 18 months post-partum?

And if this prompts the same question as Ben (“What are you wearing??”), teachers use one legwarmer to make it easier for kids to differentiate legs.

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