Month: May 2005

Big Shirt

Kristin, Jenni and I used to take turns keeping the big shirt. I found it with my fabric scraps last night. I don’t think we ever realized just how big the shirt really is.


Rose and Luke had a pre-wedding potluck in Greeley yesterday. I prepared some fresh spring greens.

It’s surprising how quickly you reach nothing when you drive out up I-25. Greeley’s a nice little town. It reminded us of Grand Junction.

Serenity Now II

It happened, we got our tickets and we saw Serenity. It was great. I’d only been to one other advance screening before (The Life Aquatic) but it wasn’t very “advance” and there weren’t any surveys. It was fun to give my opinion on movies. I wish I could do that more often. One time at Westminster Mall Ben and I got to watch a preview of the Man on Fire movie commercial and give our feedback. Not sure we affected much, since the commercial that eventually ran was pretty much the same. But it was fun anyway. Way off track now.

Serenity was awesome. I like it more now that I’ve had time to think about it. I’ll probably like it even more once I see the finished film. This one was poorly printed, Brian said the color timing (?) hadn’t been done yet, and the score and special effects were missing. But at least now I know the reason River . . . and that Book . . .
Don’t worry Andy, I’ll keep it secret until you see it. That’s the one thing I felt really bad about, was not getting a seat for Andy. But hurrah! There’s going to be another screening! This time I got plenty of extra seats. Looking forward to it, bro.


Games on the Grass

Feels like I haven’t posted any good photos in a while! These pictures are from a April 16th. We have had two bad snow storms since then. But that Saturday was so nice we decided to play Scrabble by the creek behind our apartment. Pictured are Jeff, Bruce, Gwynneth, Ben, Brian, and a muskrat!.

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