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Feeling dry and greasy

I had a great birthday weekend. Ben invited Mavi and Katie to come up from Grand Junction as a surprise. There was much eating and dancing and revelry all weekend. I might put up pictures later, but I haven’t pulled myself together that much yet.

Monday was kind of brutal. I was able to work in study time during the weekend, but still got 88% on my first Adult II exam. I don’t feel like studying more would have gotten me a better grade. Just tricky questions on nursing care, rather than straight-up pathophys. I hope to do better on the next test on Monday, which will cover Cardiac, Neuro, and Endocrine systems (eek!). After the test Monday morning I still had lecture, then a presentation in my other class, followed by a panal of new grads from Regis who did their best to stress us out. Ending the day worried about taking the NCLEX and getting a job is not a good way to go. And then I came home to find the water had been shut off because of a break. Yup, just like it did a year ago.

I came home from classes today to find running water. I might venture to take a shower later, if I think it’ll be staying on. We haven’t received any official word but there are a lot of trucks in the parking lot moving dirt around. Whatever that means. I’m just glad I was able to flush the toilets again.

I can’t wait for Miranda to get back in town, I’m terrible about working out without her! For example, I could be at the gym right now, running and lifting and listening to music. Instead I’m dawdling on the net, with equal parts thinking about homework, napping, and doing dishes. I need someone to kick my butt into gear!

BTW, I seem to be slacking on this blog a bit, now that I post daily pictures on shotaday. I hope not to get too behind, but in the mean time be sure to check us out on that other blog!

At my mechanic’s

The car is fixed, hurrah! It might have future trouble but he showed
me some tricks to get it to start. I love that when Paul recommended
this place he mentioned the mechanic's haircut but failed to mention
the two Giant Parrots. Ok, it's a gnarly crewcut, but Paul, the giant
talking birds didn't come to mind?

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