It’s been a busy time of year.  Lots of events at school, at church, and at home.   This is a short round-up of some things I’ve meant to write about but haven’t gotten around to yet.

The kids are doing excellent at school.  As you have seen, Sam has become an avid reader and loves to read out loud to us. He had an annual check-up with the doctor this week and he’s in tip top shape.  Very tall for his age, yet average weight.  We make ’em long and lean in this family 🙂

I hosted book club and made caramel apple pie bars.  They were delicious!

I’ve also been volunteering for the past few months with Days for Girls.  It’s a wonderful charity and I have strong feelings about women’s menstruation health and acceptance.  It’s been great to spend a half day sewing to help send kits overseas.


I made a quick overnight trip to Salt Lake City to celebrate my cousin Jill’s wedding.  It was great fun to see all my family in Utah and see her beautiful wedding.

On a sadder note, Betty’s sister, Jean Bress, passed away recently.  She had been struggling with some chronic health problems and some new complications all summer.  When treatments were no longer tolerable she made the choice to go on hospice care, and gently ended there.  It’s been a sad time for the family, but we’ve been blessed to see the Mason family frequently as they came together to help Jean out; and hopefully we spread a little cheer with our goofy kids.

Some cold days, some warm days.  The cats are still crazy and sleepy, and the boys love when they come home to freshly baked cookies with large mugs of milk.  (They wanted pictures to show their cookie-ecstasy faces.)




Sam loves to bike.  If only it wasn’t so windy this week, we’d be out practicing!  Earlier this fall he biked all the way to Bridgeside park and back!

Not pictured, the musical with Amanda and Becca is ramping up.  It’s going to be Rock of Ages: Middle School Edition.  We held a workshop where I taught the audition dance.  I love getting into the school and seeing the kids’ enthusiasm.  It should be a fun one this year!