Jack has been pestering me for ages to chaperone a field trip for his class.  Never mind that I’m the room parent, the grade coordinator for parties, the Friday Folder parent for Sam, that I come in for reading groups with both classes, and I’ve chaperoned several field trips in the past.  But it’s been so looooooong he moans 😉

So I was able to join the fourth graders on their trip to the Hiwan Museum in Evergreen, CO.  The museum is a collection of buildings, preserving and old pioneer homestead.  We split into smaller groups and followed our guide from house to house, pretending to be pioneers.

First we met in the kitchen to make Journey Cake. We ate it at during our picnic lunch and the kids loved it.

Then we toasted the pioneers with a sample of “Ginger Water.”  This vinegar-based drink received a chorus of blechs from the kids – except the grown-ups who agreed that it grew on you, and Jack’s friend Ruby, who apparently loves vinegar and happily collected everyone’s rejected second sips.

Next we visited the school house.  The kids were horrified by the strict rules about cleaning and staying quiet.  They practiced reading aloud from an old reader about sheep shearing, and wrote their pioneer names on slates.

In this room they pretended to pack a wagon for their trip.

In the final house, the Mercantile store, they picked a career, got a budget, and practiced adding up their shopping list.

After lunch it was back on the bus for a squishy, bumpy ride home.  The kids loved the field trip!  I’ll admit I was hoping for a little more hands-on, like wool spinning, butter churning, and candle-making.  Maybe I can find a place like that to take the family this summer.