What they learned at school today.

At school pick-up this Monday afternoon, the boys were bursting to tell me the wonderful things they learned at school today.  I had a running description all the way home from both.

Jack replicated his science teacher’s experiment for us after they had a quick snack.


Meanwhile, Sam excitedly told me he learned to roll his tongue and to dab.  <Facepalm>  Here he is demonstrating both skills at the same time.

Hey, most days he says insists that he learned “nothing” and denies doing any reading, writing, coloring, or numbers.  So the fact that he shared anything of his own free will is a win!


  1. chitarita

    I like Freddy’s cameos.

  2. eaumaison

    My days are filed with Freddy’s cameos. He tries to be a part of every scene.

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