Exploring new playgrounds

Last week we finally got to try this cool playground down by Federal and Colfax.  It’s called Paco Sanchez park and from the pictures I could tell it had some really unique and challenging playscapes.  In the instant I parked, Sam leapt out of the van, running for the park.  It had this cool spider-web climbing tower with a long curly slide.  There was also a huge, steep slide that Jack thoroughly enjoyed, but Sam couldn’t muster the courage to go down alone.

We’ll definitely have to return another day!  Perhaps with padding – Sam hurt his back with scrapes and bruises a couple times.  I think he bent off the end of the slide too fast and at a band angle.  He’s a tough cookie though.

We got a couple pasties to tide off hunger long enough to visit Mile High Comics afterward.  We usually only come for Free Comic Book Day in May, but they had fun picking out a few comics to purchase.  The shop can be overwhelming but Ben seems to know his way around their stacks and stacks of comics.  They have cool models and figurines that probably make the place magical and larger than life to the kids (seems like a ramshackle warehouse to me, but it’s mostly nice).

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  1. susan waterhouse

    Cement slides are the best! Take some cardboard to sit on next time. Looks fun

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