I’m behind in my journalling!  For Mother’s Day I met Cate, Erin, and Cate’s friend Megan at a Sur La Table in Cherry Creek to learn how to make croissants.

It was really fun!  They had everything ready to use, pre-measured, and written instructions to take home after class.  As we dirtied dishes the helpers whisked them away to be washed.  I feel like I could totally make my own croissants now (if I wanted to purchase a pound of European butter!).  We made plain, chocolate, and ham and cheese. If I were to make them again I would roll and cut them smaller.  I felt like it was too doughy in the center (the instructor says he prefers them that way), plus I’d rather get more smaller croissants than a few humongous buns.

I got to enjoy the time with my friends and had a quiet lunch by myself prior.  What a great gift!