I’ve always wanted to bake one of these.  I was surprised to learn the recipe is very old: 1856!  I also learned that for a brief time “pie” and “cake” were interchangeably used because they used the same baking pan.  Hence the name.

Easy recipe, I was surprised how quickly this came together.  I made the cake and filling last night, then the ganache this afternoon.

The recipe said to chill until serving.  The chocolate looked better fresh and glossy when freshly applied.  No one seemed to mind.  I made double the ganache too.  Unnecessary, I wouldn’t bother next time.

Sam couldn’t stand waiting 24 hours to eat the cake.  We were feeding the missionaries tonight. It’s a great excuse to make a cake, and leftovers are minimal.

Bonus!  I made s’mores cookies earlier this week and had an excuse to bust out my blowtorch.