Halloween is coming!

With Brian around, Halloween is a month long celebration. It’s been fun getting in the spirit with him. He really decked the halls this year.

The zombie on his end table lifts his head and screams when you walk by. The “Thing” hand actually runs about. The skull candles drip blood when lit.

Another zombie (on the table), but this one holds chips and dip. Ben’s the fastest pumpkin carver. He’s playing an Evil Dead game (Brian gave him permission, since there are zombies in it.)

I’m happy with how my pumpkin looks. Brian lectured us for 5 minutes about not carving cute pumpkins. It’s a crime. And then his turned out to be super cute! He was disappointed.
(by the way, this is the last picture of me with purple hair. It was getting too icky with all the touch-ups, so now I’m a plain brunette. I might redo the purple streaks, if I get the time)

Brian, Luke, Rose, and Ben. Pumpkins: Mine’s on the left, Ben’s on the right.

And now for something really special: Eyes and Ears in Blood!

I found this recipe online. It’s basically spaghetti and meatballs. It tastes fairly bland, but it looks spectacular!

The ears took a long time to make. I didn’t plan on how hard it would be to sculpt ears. The chicken meatballs are steamed, so there’s no browning (adding to the blandness).

Coming soon! Check out Ben’s blog for an entry on the most vicious of all sodas: Jones’ Thanksgiving Dinner.


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