Sam made a funny face, Jack made a hydra, and I made versions of their costumes.

It was so cold this morning that they had their parade inside.


I’m the room parent for Jack’s class.  I was busy passing out snacks and hosting a pictionary game that I didn’t get many pictures or get to visit Sam’s class.  Everyone had a good time though.

After school we snuggled and watched Nightmare Before Christmas.

I’ve always stayed home to be warm and greet the trick-or-treaters.  This year it was so cold, I followed them in the van.  The kids were able to hop inside and warm up occasionally, and we explored a bit farther than usual.


This house had a big set-up in the garage to welcome guests.

We call this house near ours “The Spider House” and look forward to seeing it every year.

In the past we’ve seen this house in another neighborhood do the whole Halloweentown in their yard.  We went to get photos with the kids in appropriate costumes.  No Halloweentown this year, but a spooky graveyard they had to walk through.  The scarecrow crouched by the tree turned out to be a real person!  He stood and growled when the kids arrived, giving them both a good, happy scare.

At home with the spoils and curious cats.


Happy Halloween!