They canceled school Wednesday and today. Yesterday’s storm was legit awful, but I think they were crazy canceling today. Our area has power and clear roads. It must be the result of a large school district, needing to cancel all for certain areas who are worse off.

We snuck into the library yesterday morning before the storm really unleashed.  Brought home a giant bag of books to last the day.



Lots of Minecraft


Sam has had a cough all week and decided to take a nap after lunch.  I read him a dragon picture book and tucked him into bed with his collection of dragon stuffies.

Heavy, wet snow.  We only got about two inches, but the wind was terrible.  Our lights flickered all day.  We feel lucky we only lost power once for a few seconds.  


Another heated blanket stolen.

Quiet afternoon entertainment.

Today’s school closure felt silly for Arvada.  Oh well.  We all slept in and had a slow start to the day.  Then I mustered the kids into some house cleaning and homework, a Target run, and a quiet time play session upstairs while I worked.


Jack read a book to Sam while he built magnet mansions.


Nimbus was skitterish all day.  Maybe the weather changes, maybe she can’t understand the change to normal routine.