All of Saturday we played in Burley with our friends.  The boys were delighted to have Cartoon Network in the morning and hotel lobby breakfast.  We drove out to Walcott Lake park to relax and play disc golf. I guess I was too busy talking, enjoying the food, and keeping Opal from inhaling ALL my rations to take many pictures.

We took a giant table at the Wayside Inn to get lunch.  Ben got his finger steaks, but Sam was to tired and distracted to care 🙂  I had a delicious country fried steak.  But the best part was all this time to talk to dear Miranda and Nate about life.

We split to let Opal have a nap with Ben and Nate, while Miranda and I took the older kids swimming at the hotel.  Then we stopped at one of Burley’s SIX snow cone sellers for an icy treat.

Back at their compound we played with the kittens some more, noshed on pizza, and I tried to stay awake while we played the Mistborn board game.  The kids were all playing Minecraft – we’d been listening to a Minecraft novel narrated by Jack Black so Jack and Sam were obsessed with playing it more.  Luckily, like all kids in the USA, Azalea and Cedar were also Minecraft fans.