We packed up into a rental car and left Arvada before 9 am, not bad! Ben broke up our journey to Idaho into manageable chunks. Today’s destination is Bear Lake. Our first stop was to visit the new Fort Collins temple.

After a quick stop to replace my splintered needles, we made our way into Wyoming.

Ben found an old diner, J’s Prairie Rose for lunch.

Then we took a tour of the Ivinson Mansion. What a strange little house! They had some interesting pieces, like this music disk player.

The next stop was Rawlins to see their old penitentiary museum. We just did a quick view of the free exhibits, rather than the full tour. It was a good leg stretch.

In the middle of nothingness, Ben finds a way station. Here at Point of Rocks the boys peeked into the ruins of a stagecoach way station.

Green River offered a playground next to the river, but I preferred eating dinner in an air conditioned restaurant over a picnic. Sam got some wiggles out.

Little America was busy busy. The kids got cones, now up to a whopping 75 cents each 😉

Just before 9 pm we rammed up the steep driveway of the Cook Cabin. The boys were excited to explore all its eccentricities (Ok, who left a wooden MACE up here??) I might be the first one to climb in bed tonight. Looking forward to some raspberries tomorrow!