Tonight our church Christmas party had a formal take on the word “party.”  After visiting Santa at 5:30 (Sam was too shy), late dinner at 6:45, then finally a Nativity program at 7:40.  As you can imagine, the kids were fairly DONE.  But my boys mustered their strength to perform.

Jack received much praise for singing well and dealing with his brother in a very patient and kind manner.  Sam received much praise for standing up with the kids in front of all those people, and for keeping his clothes on.

It was rather late at the end, so we had to grab our dessert to go.  I snagged one of the cupcakes I had contributed. We gobbled our treats, lit the menorah, opened Hanukkah socks, and chucked the kids in bed.


It’s 9pm and the kids are singing Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel loudly, clearly not going to sleep any time soon.  Hoo boy, Christmas excitement is high in the Mason home.