This is called yarn chicken:

When you are binding off with a limited amount of yarn and hope it’s enough.

I play it often, wanting to squeeze all I can out of each skein.  

 But this one is a doozy.  Roughly 1,400 stitches across with a bind off that’s a pain-in-the-butt to undo if you have to rip it out (“Icelandic bind-off”).  I’m going to be very cranky when this doesn’t quite fit…but I’m too bull-headed to chicken out first.

. . .

Later today:

Dang it!  So close.  I’m going to try something radical.  Instead of picking back the bind off and the previous row, I’m going to drop the remaining stitches and try to bind off using the top row- in essence only ripping out my remainder.  It might be a little lopsided but with blocking it won’t be very noticeable.  Fingers crossed this works!