It took almost a year, but Taiwanese Snow Ice has come to Denver!!!

Near Colorado and Evans you can find Snowlabco and get your snow ice on.  It’s squeezed in between a marijuana dispensary, a rental car shop, and under a Brazilian capoeria studio.  They were running out flavors that night so we couldn’t get the basic sweet we wanted, but it was still very tasty.

Hard to compare because I had chocolate, but I think I prefer the one in New York that was made from cream based ice.  This one is vegan with soy milk.  It lacked richness.  But still totally worth the drive across town to check it out. 

The kids were at the Apex Center for tonight’s date night.  Prior to snow ice we found another gem in a sketchy strip mall, Ambli.  I saw their menu on the Denver Restaurant Week site and it looked good.  If I had known it was near a McDonald’s, a Dollar Store, and a power station I might not have gone (I was searching in the “Cherry Creek” neighborhood).  But the restaurant actually had great ambiance and a delicious variety of foods.  One of the better places we have tried lately.  We spent most of the meal discuss the Cosmere, as I had finished the latest Brandon Sanderson book* last night.  Ben has me hooked.  I’m thinking of going back to the beginning of Mistborn now that I know the whole trajectory of that world. 

Date nights are the best 🙂

*Whoops, not the latest.  Daaaaang.  That dude is prolific.