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Miranda asked for more information about my new book, so here it is, Marshmallow Madness by Shauna Sever.  She has a baking blog too.  The book is adorable, with a puffy cover to match the candy.  What I love is how exact her recipes are: she uses common ingredients (Knox powdered gelatin instead of sheets) and tells you exactly how long to whip at what speed for each recipe.  She also tells you how to calibrate your thermometer for different altitudes.  My previous recipes all required a lot of guesswork on my part, but these are practically scientific.  The recipe itself gave me denser yet bouncy smooth marshmallows.  She has me prep the gelatin a different way (melting it smooth before adding) and splitting the corn syrup . . . I forget why, but it works.

I definitely recommend it!  I would feel bad about sharing her recipe secrets with the public, but she posted her classic vanilla recipe on her blog, so have at it! 

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  1. Sweet! Thank you for the thorough review. The recipe you linked to is actually pretty similar to the one I use from Molly Wizenberg. But I still need to check out that book. I mean…look at the cover!

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