Amanda requested further commentary on Jack’s Messy Art class.  It’s a 4 session class offered at the Wheat Ridge rec center, for an hour each Friday.  It was really strange the first time I dropped him off and left the building.  It was the first time I’ve ever left him unattended, not counting babysitters or when I’m in the same building, like nursery at church.  I double checked with the teacher, really?  I can go?  I can leave him here and go to Target or whatever?  Sweeeeeeet. 

He seems to love the class and had no problem being left with strange kids and Coach Robin (who also does youth athletics, so she uses that moniker). 
Coach Robin puts the plan on the board each day, so parents can see what they did and cue conversation, since 3-4 year olds are not the best historians.  Usually there’s a snack, one or two books, and three projects based on those books.  This was last week’s:


And the results:

As you can see, the messy part refers to finger paints, shaving cream, and other sloppy things.  They have a rather simple and brilliant clean-up area.  Just a big tub of mildly soapy water on the floor where the kids can dip and splash to wash off messes. 

Next week is the last Friday art class, but also his first dance class on Wednesday.  I admit, I’m super excited for that one.  It’s at the Arvada Center, where I took classes in the years between college and nursing school. 

This image makes me giddy:

After donning the shoes he ran in circles around our house about 17 times.  I’d say he’s excited too.