Isn’t every rainy day a good day? Yesterday I ended up working 16.5 hours without a real break. Blech. But when I came home friends there with pizza. We watched old Movie Saturdays and reminisced about how skinny and naive we were.

I had a good sleep in, then Ben went for a run. After lunch-where Jack actually ate some spinach!- we went swimming. The rec center pool is great for kids and I’ve been dreaming of taking Jack for a while. He was over the moon! They have a toddler friendly area; gentle slope down to just 2 feet deep, water fountains that bubble gently up over the surface, buckets that fill and dump from above, sprayers, and a mini slide down a frog’s mouth. Jack played joyously until we dragged him out with blue and chattering lips.

Later we dropped him off with a sitter so Ben and I could eat out. I stuffed myself with spinach salad and pork scaloppine drenched in Gorgonzola cream sauce. Abrusci’s never disappoints. I picked up Jack and Ben went to see a scary movie.

Now I’m curling up with some luxurious knitting and a fresh disk of The West Wing while rain softly falls. Doesn’t get much better than this.