Jack plays with Grandparents Waterhouse

My folks came to visit this weekend.  Nothing fancy, lots of food and shopping and fun like always 🙂  We went to Flatirons Crossing mall.  I haven’t been up that way in a while.  So crowded!  The holiday shopping is moving earlier and earlier I suppose.  I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping.  I’m in the generating ideas stage. 

We had lunch in the food court, then picked up Ben and went to Edwards Meats.  As expected, Dad went a little crazy there.  He found an interesting addition to their Thanksgiving table in Utah.  Mom just carried Jack around the store, then went back to car to play with him while Dad finished ogling the meat. 

Next we went downtown to Tattered Cover.  No pictures of Amanda smiling, but believe me, she was.  A quick stop for cupcakes, then Jack totally lost it and started bawling.  A whole day out is a lot for him!  We went back to my place for Virigilio’s take out.  Delish. 

Sunday morning was a quiet breakfast, again at my place when Jack failed to wake-up early enough.  He tried on some new duds (adorable overalls!) and his new booster seat.  Mostly fun for clanking toys against at this point.  Mom and Dad had good roads going home, Amanda and I sewed up Macbeth cloaks, and Jack caught up on his sleep.  A great weekend (but I’m glad I have today off too!)

More photos are on flickr.  Yes, they are mostly people adoring or dressing up Jack.  Such is life with a baby. 

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  1. I'm jealous. I want to play with Jack also.

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