I’m sure in my lack of writing lately, the top question on your mind is What does Rachel think about season 6 of SYTYCD?  Am I right?  Too bad.  That’s what you get 😛

  • Love the new stage.  The backdrop gives the show designers something to do instead of screwing up the view with complicated lighting, like they used to.   It also prevents the camera men from doing wacky side and circling moves from the old thrust stage.  Instead we get more nice, front-on views so you can actually see the dances.
  • I don’t miss Mia.  Bring on Stacey Tookey and Mandy Moore instead!
  • I love Adam’s judging comments.  With our fab new DVR I skip Nigel and Mary and go straight to his review. 
  • I’m not impressed with Wade Robson this season. 

Favorite Routines

  (sorry, can’t find just the dance online)

skip to 1:45 for the dance

skip to 2:05 for the dance

Favorite Solo

(sorry for the dumb pop-ups)

Favorite Couple

I wasn’t a fan of Ashleigh at first, but she’s really improving.  And Jakab is another superhuman dancer like Brandon of season 5.  Not as powerful or versatile as Brandon, but Jakob’s lines are better.

skip to 1:40 for the dance

It’s no “Bleeding Love,” but another great one by Nappy Tabs. (Yes, I watch Bleeding Love about once a month still.  So. Good.)