It’s official

15 days later I was listed as a registered nurse with the state board! Finally. I called my future employment and they said to come in tomorrow to complete paperwork, and to plan on starting my orientation on Monday. Woot!

Jem is at daycare so I have a quiet, calm house. There’s a storm blowing in, like most afternoons this spring and summer. I love them. I hate summer and its heat. The afternoon rain cools down the house and keeps my garden lush. I’ve been crafting a lot in my downtime, reading, and watching old TV series on Hulu. I picked up some fabric from Fancy Tiger yesterday and from Joann’s this morning with visions of swishy skirts. I met Ben for lunch today. It’s nice to break up the work day by having lunch out with family. We’ve done a few times since I’ve been out of school. I hope once I start working we can still do it on my days off.

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